Why I Chose Social Work

  I am currently surrounded by what seems like a sea of assignments and surviving off of the caffeine running through my veins. It has not been an easy week to say the least.     There will be times where you'll be so overwhelmed with assignments,...

Four Weeks of Bliss

They say home is where the heart is. I can't help but agree as I think about all that I've done these past few weeks of break. Blueberry Picking My mom took my twin sister and I blueberry picking and it was honestly the highlight of my day. I loved spending time...

Home of the Free!

An array of colors splatter across the night sky. Oohs and aahs filter through the air amidst the sporadic booms. In the middle of all this noise I sit, surrounded by my friends, whom I haven’t seen in over four months. Only one sentence replays over and over in my...


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