One day until my first exam!!! Am I stressed? You could say that lol

Let me introduce to you my “STUDY” routine in the form of a Acoustic poem. (p.s do NOT follow this routine your self if you want to succeed!!!)


SLEEP: We all love our beauty sleep right? So much so that I myself prioritise that more than study. I can only blame my lecturer for telling our class that we should be well rested in order to succeed in our exam so why not sleep all day? Perhaps that will eventually end in extra success! Imagine that! Just to support my argument even further… a baby learns so much in the time span of a year and since they sleep all day maybe that is the secret? Don’t know till you try it. With this said it is currently 7.30 pm and I have spent majority of my day in bed. This leads me to my next key point.

THINK: Some nights after studying I just lay in bed thinking. Thinking about what the world will be like 100 years time. Thinking about what I am going to do in my holidays once exams are finished. Thinking what time should I wake up the next morning, or afternoon, depending on my decision. Believe it or not I actually think about what even might be in the exam. Some times I think so hard that I have spent more time thinking about studying than I actually have spent studying. Because I think so hard I come to the conclusion that i need a well deserved break of…

UNLIMITED HOURS ON PUTLOCKER: We all need a good break of Avatar the last Air Bender every day. At school we were learnt to never leave a started project unfinished… Thankfully I was always a good student so I cant defy that advice by not watching the full series of every season, that would be defiant. Plus I have to kept up to date socially while I spend all this time prepping for exam so I absolutely HAVE TO watch the most recent movies releases. What else could I possibly talk about to the fellow residents while we are sitting on the dinner table ? By the way the Conjuring 2 is coming out in two more days!! Cannot wait! Now comes…

DIGESTION: In order to think properly we must keep a full stomach right? Eating is key to succeed in exams! If you do not eat you will not have enough energy to think properly to pass the exam, no matter how many hours sleep you get to rack up. Ice cream is the best kind of motivation to watch some more Putlocker, do some thinking or even write a blog… Trust me I am speaking from experience 😉

YOU CAN DO IT: Lastly my final point… Believe in yourself. I learnt this quote a very young ages when I would lay in bed and read to my mother. My favorite book was Louis Pasteur “The Value of Believing in Yourself”. The story retells journey of Louis Pasteur whose unwavering belief in the concept of germs led to a cure for rabies!Now out of all my advice I would take this the most seriously.

Whether you want to achieve the whole 3 seasons of the Avatar or an A+ in your law exam tomorrow if you believe in yourself anything is possible. If you set your mind to something you can achieve the unimaginable!!