Life Lessons from Pizza

Mid-sem break has been filled with great stories to tell 🙂 but also coming to terms with the realization that the majority of the year has gone by 🙁 It’s weird to think that already ¾ of the uni year has gone and so have ¾ of our med applications. There’s three parts to our application for MBChB (Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery) ...

STRESS LESS (Easier said than done)

Hi guys! I’m back for tips & snips round 2. There’s no doubt a giant cloud of stress (maybe even a thunderstorm) hanging over our heads this past few days. For biomedders, our last mid-semester test was on Friday (yay), but our first exam is less than 3 weeks away (eek). The semester has flown by so quick - turns out our last labs and tutorials are this week!


WELCOME TO THE START OF A SERIES CALLED TIPS&SNIPS. The first part of my upcoming blogs will include tips and stuff I would’ve personally loved to know when I was in high school and the second part of my upcoming blogs will focus on snippets of my life right now. Today...I will be answering one of the most philosophical questions ever asked: BIOMED OR HEALTH SCI?

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