The Inside Word 2018

Auckland’s Top 10 Not-So-Secret Spots

So, here is my personal selection of secret…well actually not-so-secret spots in the heart of Auckland. In fact, you’d have to be living under a rock to not know about most of these spots…but because I’ve grown up far far away in the East Auckland suburbs most of my life, I’ve only discovered some during my last two years at University while living in the city. All of these spots are walkable or easily bussable/ferry-able - I’ve added the distances from the Auckland University city campus so you can see how truly close everything is!
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Adulting is hard

Watch me trying to be an actual adult as I navigate my way through the city-livin', uni-studyin' life. And yes, you will most definitely catch me watching the Game of Thrones finale next week instead of studying for my two upcoming tests, seminar and essay 😉
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University Hall Apartments Tour!

After eight long weeks we finally finished decorating and reorganizing our apartment! All of the details about accommodation can be found on the Uni website: I...

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Uni and a job?

A question often asked by students, particularly in their second year is, when is it a good time to get a part-time job? Will there ever be a good time to work a part-time job on top of study? I must admit I have thought long and hard about the potential impacts...

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Welcome to UNIVERSITY 101: A cram course to university at the University of Auckland. Learn about the how the university year is structured, the types of classes we attend, and how things are assessed. ALL in less than 7 minutes 😉 
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