The Inside Word 2018

General Education!!

If you are a curious high school student wanting to go to the University of Auckland you probably have seen somewhere along your search the term general education. Some programmes require one Gen Ed paper, others require two. These are papers that you take outside...

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No Money Mo’ Problems

Hello friends, here is the blog piece where I tell you all of my woes around budgeting and having money at university. So the first question, before we look at cutting costs, is the question of where it comes from. So I’m at Auckland on a mixture of the money I...

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Semester Two Course Review

I’ve just hit the point in the semester where everything seems to be due at once, and trust me, it is not fun. Four essays in two weeks has definitely not been a highlight of the semester for me. But with these four essays, I’ve found it to be a perfect time to...

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