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First week in Hong Kong!

So, its 2:00pm right now and I’m sitting in my room with a bowl of half-finished oatmeal by my side listening to the typhoon rage outside my window. Not exactly the picture of exchange I had in mind. It’s been about a week into my time in Hong Kong, I thought I’d...

What to take to university?

So the open day for first-year halls at Auckland uni is coming up fast, and it can be super daunting trying to decide where you want to live. Whether you are an Aucklander looking to move out of your parent's house, or an out of towner trying to decide where to...


Flat-mares, it’s like nightmares but unfortunately, you don’t wake up from them. Choosing who you want to live with in second year and beyond could be make or break for your friendship and your happiness. If you go flatting you can choose everyone, but beware that...

Adulting is hard

Watch me trying to be an actual adult as I navigate my way through the city-livin', uni-studyin' life. And yes, you will most definitely catch me watching the Game of Thrones finale next week instead of studying for my two upcoming tests, seminar and essay 😉

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