Uni Hall Events 🎪

One of the main reasons to go into university accommodation in your first year is because of the fun events that are put on by the hall. Most of them are important during your first few weeks of the first semester because they help you get to know people a lot...

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A reflection

I’ll be honest, I started writing this blog post in the mid-semester break of semester one, had a crisis as I couldn’t really get my point across, and then stopped. So here we are again, with a clearer mind and hopefully a more coherent post! So, we’re once again a...

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Uni bucket list 🌸

There are a thousand and one things a keen new first-year can do upon arrival at university. O week is a bright and dazzling display, classes are a flurry of activity, and making new friends a daunting task that can be quickly overcome with a few jokes and a big...

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Student life at UniHall Towers

There are lots of different residences to choose from in your first year. O'rorke is known to be a party hall, Whitaker is more homely because it's small and is an older building, Towers and apartments has nicer (brand new) facilities. Each hall has something...

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Auckland’s Top 10 Not-So-Secret Spots

So, here is my personal selection of secret…well actually not-so-secret spots in the heart of Auckland. In fact, you’d have to be living under a rock to not know about most of these spots…but because I’ve grown up far far away in the East Auckland suburbs most of my life, I’ve only discovered some during my last two years at University while living in the city. All of these spots are walkable or easily bussable/ferry-able - I’ve added the distances from the Auckland University city campus so you can see how truly close everything is!
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University Hall Apartments Tour!

After eight long weeks we finally finished decorating and reorganizing our apartment! All of the details about accommodation can be found on the Uni website: I...

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Uni and a job?

A question often asked by students, particularly in their second year is, when is it a good time to get a part-time job? Will there ever be a good time to work a part-time job on top of study? I must admit I have thought long and hard about the potential impacts...

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