“Are you a secondary school student wanting to know what life is REALLY like at uni? Classes, courses, events, money, studying, stressing… You’re about to get the Inside Word on all of it, straight from the people who are experiencing it. The Inside Word is a blog written by first year uni students and they are going to tell you everything you want to know about your first year of study at the University of Auckland.”

Carlaw Park Student Village

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XkzbKhqmfr8&feature=youtu.be Hello everyone! I was feeling artsy and decided to make a video about my hall of residence whilst I drew a rough sketch of it. I am not the best artist by any means, but drawing often helps me feel calmer when I am getting...

Auckland’s Top 10 Not-So-Secret Spots

So, here is my personal selection of secret…well actually not-so-secret spots in the heart of Auckland. In fact, you’d have to be living under a rock to not know about most of these spots…but because I’ve grown up far far away in the East Auckland suburbs most of my life, I’ve only discovered some during my last two years at University while living in the city. All of these spots are walkable or easily bussable/ferry-able - I’ve added the distances from the Auckland University city campus so you can see how truly close everything is!

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