“Are you a secondary school student wanting to know what life is REALLY like at uni? Classes, courses, events, money, studying, stressing… You’re about to get the Inside Word on all of it, straight from the people who are experiencing it. The Inside Word is a blog written by first year uni students and they are going to tell you everything you want to know about your first year of study at the University of Auckland.”

A visit to the happiest place on earth

You guessed it, I went to Disneyland! Was it the happiest place on earth? It sure comes pretty close! Honestly, what surprised me the most was how my favorite parts of the day was meeting the Disney characters - who am I kidding, one hug from Chip (or Dale) got me smitten. I would definitely...

Hong Kong, a montage

Hey friends, Wonder where I went in Hong Kong these past few months? Watch this vlog filled with an excessive number of sea view clips to find out! https://youtu.be/CayV5DREim0   I thought i'd also take this opportunity to address the elephant in the room and talk about how Hong Kong is...



Theory: People are much nicer if you speak to them in their native language. I’m not sure if there’s any scientific...

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