Are you a secondary school student wanting to know what life is REALLY like at uni? Classes, courses, events, money, studying, stressing… You’re about to get the Inside Word on all of it, straight from the people who are experiencing it. The Inside Word is a blog written by first year uni students and they are going to tell you everything you want to know about your first year of study at the University of Auckland.

Beyond the Books

Today marks just over three weeks since my arrival in Auckland therefore three weeks since I started university. In that time, I have already read more than what I did throughout my...

Facing and Conquering Homesickness

Uni is a big deal in more ways than one. Having to cultivate a new group of friends, get used to how large the lecture theatres are, and ultimately, adapt to a brand-new academic environment. For...

Lessons & Lanterns

It's now week 4 of classes, and things are starting to get busier! The first few weeks were by no means void of work, with things like weekly quizzes and readings, but now we've actually learned...

Courses 101: Part 1   Hi Everyone, Welcome to Part 1 of my Courses blog. I wanted to create a place where you could go to find out all the information about my Semester 1 courses...


Courses and Careers Open Day is all about discovering the qualifications that are right for you. You’ll learn what you need to get accepted into the University, what it’s like to be a student on campus, and where your study could lead you.

While you’re here, make the most of the opportunity to attend lectures, meet our staff and students, experience our social culture and explore the City Campus. The full programme will be available online and from your school in July. For more information you can visit 

We look forward to welcoming you to the University on 25 August 2018.


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