Hi readers!

Kerryn back with another blog post to bedazzle your senses. Again I’ve decided to mix things up a bit! Rather than present you with big blocks of text that you’ll probably skim through (be honest!), I want to tantalise your senses with my curated gallery of all the amazing food I’ve eaten this year at Waipārūrū Hall.

So get ready to have a snack on hand… or else you’ll feel hungry!

Starting off with a delicious hot breakfast:

Then comes lunch:

And if you’re still hungry for dinner…

Still up for dessert?

And when you’ve eaten everything on the menu, what better way to freshen things up than with a gala dinner?

Get ready to feast like the royalty of ancient times. With five different stations offering unique and delicious food, you’ll never be short of choice. Let me introduce you to a few of the stations! We have:

  • the Asian-themed Lemongrass, serving up noodles, fried rice, and sizzling stir-fries!
  • the Italian-themed Ostello, serving up pasta and make-your-own pizzas & sandwiches!
  • the classic New Zealand Kiwi Kai, serving up casserole roasts, ‘kiwi breakfasts’ and curries!
  • the vegan-friendly Earth’s Kitchen, serving up make-your-own bento bowls and plant-based alternatives!
  • the deep-fried comfort Here & Now, serving up pies, burgers, fried seafood, and lots of fries!

I haven’t even touched on the dessert station yet, offering ice-cream, cakes, biscuits and puddings! Nor have I mentioned the salad bar, offering a variety of salads, vegetables, and fresh whole fruits! And have I mentioned the weekday breakfast station, with racks of bread, cereals, spreads and dairy & plant based milk? Or the daily soup and steaming hot rice? Finally, what better way to accompany your meal than with a delicious coffee, hot chocolate or tea from the drink station? Ever want a classic glass of water? We’ve got cold, hot, and sparkling!

Food will not be the same after you spend a year at the University’s fantastic Halls of Residence!

I must say, I will miss living at Waipārūrū dearly… not only the fantastic food but also the amazing people that bring this place to life. It’s been such an experience, and I can’t recommend it enough.

Want my advice? COME TO HALLS. Best decision you will ever make!

~ Kerryn