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Life Lessons from Pizza

Mid-sem break has been filled with great stories to tell 🙂 but also coming to terms with the realization that the majority of the year has gone by 🙁 It’s weird to think that already ¾ of the uni year has gone and so have ¾ of our med applications. There’s three parts to our application for MBChB (Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery) ...

STRESS LESS (Easier said than done)

Hi guys! I’m back for tips & snips round 2. There’s no doubt a giant cloud of stress (maybe even a thunderstorm) hanging over our heads this past few days. For biomedders, our last mid-semester test was on Friday (yay), but our first exam is less than 3 weeks away (eek). The semester has flown by so quick - turns out our last labs and tutorials are this week!

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