So you’ve survived O-week with a moderate hang over, some new friends and some stark realizations.

Let class begin.

The first thing you’ll notice is “Wow, my books are more expensive than that pair of shoes I want” which is probably closely followed by “I’m hungry”. Now if you’re anything like me you’re questioning that eftpos card loaded with money for your oh-so-expensive books and eyeing up lunch instead. Don’t feel guilty. It’s hard not to behave like an Aucklander in Auckland. Long story short: Hello café community!

Having shunned the first few days of library tours and the preparatory trek to classes unknown, here’s what you really need to know:

Cima Café (52 high street) is serving breakfast realness around the $20 mark. Lets be honest, a lot of us spent all of our energy waking up early for that first class instead of actually remembering to eat. Close to this falls Sierra, plating up around $16, accompanied by a $7 tank smoothie on the same street (Tropical – try it).

Bruce Lee Sushi never fails to capture my heart with $10 deals going daily, and if buying books hasn’t bankrupt you then it’s a filling, cheap option.

Last but not least: Chocolate or waffle lovers beware! OKO Dessert Kitchen on Queen Street has the prettiest arrangements and if you’re not careful you’ll be skipping the recommended breakfast for all things sugary (which you should do once anyway – you’re young).

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Eateries aside, public transport is a real sport at university. People don’t just run to beat you to the bus, but to get on the bus. Make sure you have your HOP card ready, and that by the middle of the first week you’ve managed to get your student concession loaded – or else, like me, you will be paying ridiculous amounts to catch the bus down two streets (two very long streets – I’ll give you that AT transport).

Advice for your first week:

  • Sign up for clubs (Student Association, Law Society, Cheerleading, Hockey – the list goes on)
  • Look for your classes before the time you actually have to go to them. Uni can look totally different when coming from another direction!
  • Talk to the person you sit next to, having a friend in class could never be a bad thing and the likelihood of you one day needing to ask for notes is high!
  • Stop staring at the gorgeous boy in your law school class
  • Correction: Don’t let the gorgeous boy in your law class catch you staring
  • Get the AT transport app, that way you know what time to arrive and leave uni
  • People you know are great, but get to know some new people – high school cliques need to stay in high school and it’s time to expand your social horizons

Yours humorously,