So after being at uni for a week and bit I was feeling comfortable and confident… so much so that yes, I decided to run Grafton President 2016! Therefore me being me I dive head first into campaigning.

  • Step 1 was come up with a catchy slogan: May I just add my competition had strong slogan game so I had to reach that level if I was to stand a chance.
  • Step 2 Make the slogan known: This involved excessive printing of posters, plenty of blue tack, a lot time spent hanging then all over the building and way to many Facebook posts.fella
  • Step 3 is Promo Videos: Okay so I made a few of these and confession: I did miss a lecture or two so they could be possible… Did I mention I am bursting at the seams with Grafton Spirit?! So thankfully I had a tonne of examples caught on video of me scream Grafton chants at the top of my lungs…. EVERYWHERE and heaps of pukana photos…. (that was kind of my signature pose).tshhs
  • Step 4 THE SPEECH….. So I have to say I was rather happy with my speech. I had previously put in a lot of time writing it and memorizing it so it was perfect for election night but was it enough to win????? A lot was riding on the speech but I must say, many people had already made their minds up on who had their vote previous to the speeches.ths
  • Step 5 results: So you may have noticed this whole process in the midst of settling into uni life and familiarizing myself with lectures and time management was pretty full on. Therefore there was a lot riding on getting the position of President.

The email read as followed…..

Dear Ella,

Thank you for running in the 2016 Grafton Hall Presidential Election. I was extremely impressed by the calibre of each candidate and the amount of effort that was put into the campaigns! I know for a fact that the community of Grafton Hall is in good hands this year regardless of the election outcome.

The election was extremely close but I am pleased to announce the results;

PresidentNot Ella

Vice- PresidentNot Ella

Congratulations Not Ella and also Not Ella on your appointment!


Yes, I was unsuccessful! 🙁 As I did quote in my speech however “I will accept failure but I will not accept not trying”. So with that said I had no choice but to suck it up and get some ACTUAL work done.


University is filled with many opportunities and extra curricular activities/responsibilities etc. The main job of a student is learning what time management is and what your priorities are. Basically because I had put so much effort into campaigning for the presidential elections there is a trickle down effect. Consequently I was behind in my studies which then lead to me forgetting this blog was due and now I am sitting at my laptop a day late writing my blog with assignments due right after Easter so my Easter “holiday” has turned into an Easter “study break”.

My advice so you don’t have learn the hard way like myself…….

 Study comes First!