Hello Beautiful People,

It is said that first impressions are everything. Luckily for me my first impressions of the University of Auckland have been O for Awesome!!! I hereby give you my first ‘inside words’.

University Hall

I’ve been in my new home just over 2 weeks and it’s amazing how quickly you adjust to hall life. Move in day was mad. Picture masses of nervous students with their whole lives packed into boxes, bags and shopping trolleys in a line halfway out the door. I was worried I had to much stuff, in hindsight I didn’t pack enough and have since had to go and buy an array of random things you forget are necessary for daily life.

Word of Advice: Don’t worry about having too much stuff, someone will always have more than you. Always.

I reside on Floor 14. The gold floor. The best floor. The Penthouse. (Shout out to Floorteen). Our view from the common room is awesome.

This picture doesn't do the view justice.

The picture doesn’t do it justice.

Our RA Jibi is the man and everyone on Floor 14 (and just generally in UniHall) is so different and interesting and just a good bunch of people. It’s strange to think we were strangers a few weeks ago and now we are on our way to being a family (aww). The only downside of literally living at the top, is that the stairs are a real mission (nonetheless I have traversed them once everyday) and the lift takes like a million years especially when you are stopping at every other floor to pick people up. But glass half full, the long lift ride is a great way to meet people, and the stairs make everyday leg day.

My first time doing laundry was an experience to remember. Basically I had put the clothes and the soap powder in the machine when it was pointed out to me that I had mistakenly put them in the dryer. (Thanks Bryan) I know this seems like a ridiculous mistake to make but in my defence I was half asleep. Consequently we had a good laugh in the laundry room and I had an excuse to use the hall vacuum for the first time to clean out the dryer.

My other ‘hall fail’ was when I locked myself out of my room. Twice. In our first floor meeting our RA really stressed how easy it is to lock yourself out of your room. The whole time I was thinking that he was being a tad over the top, there is no way I would be stupid enough to lock myself out of my room. But I have learnt my lesson now. Third times a charm. Thankfully we are still in a grace period because next time it will mean a “forced donation” to charity which no poor student needs.

As for the food, (because I know everyone wants to hear about the food) so far so good. It’s not five star but there’s plenty of options if you don’t like some of whats being served. Plus you get dessert everyday. Thats right everyday and not just after dinner after lunch too. Beware fresher 5.

O-Week Events

Most people have the pre-conceived idea that O-week is one giant party and yes this can be true. But there is so much more to see and do than just party. The Uni and the hall have done a great job of offering events and programmes to help us new students settle in and adjust to Uni life. Here is a rundown of the many experiences I have enjoyed over the last couple of weeks.

  • Some great inter floor rivalry in the sun over at the Domain and at Quiz Night (Hard luck Gold Floor – we will dominate next time)
Gold Floor Represent

Gold Floor Represent

  • A highly entertaining and informative Uni-Smart lecture about starting Uni.
  • Bachelors night, a good chance to meet fellow Biomedders and get some insider tips on how to cope during what is set to be a very intense year.
  • A very hot 40 minute walk with the floor through Parnell to Judges Bay where we arrived at the lowest tide of the day. Good timing Jibi. So rather than a cooling swim, some of the lads “enjoyed” a muddy, waist high wade. Oh well, at least the walk was good floor bonding.
Judges Bay

Judges Bay – Wheres all the water?

  • Faculty Orientation. I personally really enjoyed the Powhiri. It was a very meaningful welcome and a good start to life in the Faculty of Science. I would strongly recommend getting up early and getting along to this. You have to get in quick for a seat but it’s definitely been a highlight of my O-week.
The massive line for the Powhiri

The massive line for the Faculty of Science Powhiri

  • The infamous Toga Party. How could one not enjoy a good boogie dressed in a bed sheet.
  • A wander though the Chinese Lantern Festival finished with some cracker fireworks.
  • The O-Concert. All I have to say about this is I’m surprised my eardrums didn’t explode and I escaped the mosh pit without a black eye.

So there you have it, some of my first thoughts regarding my new life. Hopefully these will be lasting impressions but only time will tell.

Till next time, stay super!