Yesterday would have easily been the worst day of my short-lived university life if today had not become an equal contender.

Long story short: Yesterday I lost my wallet (pay wave eftpos cards, HOP card, fortune cookie from the night I met my boyfriend (!!), even my library card). My laptop decided to die in my last lecture for the day (Sidenote: MacBooks are not worth the hype) and then I was stranded (hop-cardless) at university, only to be picked up by my traffic hating mother who had a field day with the 40 minute saga to get out of town (oops).

Today: I wake up early to make my first tutorial for the day, only to discover on the drive in that Tutorial Two in my course-book reads the word ASSIGNMENT. I rush into the law school library, create the best assignment anyone will ever write for ten minutes worth of work only to end up having ten minutes to spare before getting into my tutorial room. I check my timetable only to find my tutorial slot is not on it. I turn to the girl beside me and she assures me “no, this is law 121, we’re in this room, so surely you’re in the right place”. Sitting in the tutorial room I don’t recognise anyone so I turn and ask my new found friend “Is this your second tutorial?” she responds by telling me “No, this is my first”.  I laugh, tell her I’m definitely in the wrong place and then get the hell out of there! Apparently its common knowledge to everyone else but me, that law only has tutorials fort-nightly. Noob mistake.


Addition to list of dumb things i’ve done

I then have to come home, whip up an assignment (yes, it’s actually due tomorrow –  I didn’t make that one up in my head) but end up re-reading my favourite parts of my favourite books (this is relative to the assignment btw – english) only to be crying over my desk for two hours! (Rudy dies (!!!!) and tears are not good for macbooks).


Non-teary over-rated macbook

Small victory: My wallet was handed in (THANK YOU GOOD SAMARITAN), my eftpos cards reactivated swiftly by someone at ANZ who actually spoke English, which was topped off with a hearty breakfast accompanying my favourite soon to be couple.

Lesson to be learned: Meticulously plan timetable.

Other than the hysterics that I get myself into with my own big air-head, heres the fortnightly happenings:

Piha. It’s a beach in west Auckland and if you can’t swim do NOT go where your feet cannot touch the ground, or just don’t go full stop. Piha is notorious for dangerous rips, but if this is your first time in Auckland then it’s a must-do.

Brickworks at Lynmall is cute and all, but I don’t rate it and I’ve tried every place in the joint. Paying $15 for a rekordelig when you can get them for $5 in the supermarket seems dumb – but here’s a picture of us laughing at our dumb frivolousness, as well as what we ordered.


Burger burger, Ponsonby. I rate it. Give it a go.


Quinoa salad from revive. Eaten out of pure guilt for never eating salads, but I rate it. Also, Cima from my last blog.


Yours sometimes dumbly,