Kia Ora everyone, my names Awhi and I’m apart of the Inside Blog this year. So basically our job is to better inform you on what to expect when attending the University of Auckland, and also what life’s like living in Auckland. Each blog I do I’ll try make a bit different and show you different aspects of typical Uni life. So expect to see heaps of pictures, vlogs, cheeky snaps and loads more! I’ll use this blog to first introduced myself, and explain my journey leading up to my first days at Uni…

So first of all I moved up here from Napier where I went to Napier Girls’ High, but my home is actually in Kerepehi. I now live close-ish to the city with my Nan. This year I chose to study a Bachelors of Property (and no I’m not going to be a real estate agent, if that’s what you’re thinking). What you’ll find is that the University offers a lot of degrees that might sound different, but are actually exactly what you’ve been looking for. My degree first focussed on commerce, than concepts such as valuation, property management and maori land issues. Very excited stuff ­čÖé

Awhina Te Mata Peak

(That’s me walking up Te Mata Peak)

How I prepared

If everyone’s telling you that level 2 is important, it’s because it is. Only because it plays a key role in your scholarship applications, and getting into the required subjects you need in level 3. If you’re not too sure on what those requirements are check this out┬á, it’s better later than never! I’ve personally have been through the effects of not taking the required subjects in year 13, so trust me life’s just easier if you know these requirements early.

What to expect?

  • People everywhere! Expect to be standing in a line for almost anything, for your course books, bus, food even the bathroom.
  • Budgeting, Auckland’s expensive!

“You be saying workworkworkworkwork but you got no jobjobjobjobjob”

  • Fashionistas/Labels/Beauty experts
  • Being hungry ALL THE TIME
  • Diversity. As University is a place that encourages people from any age and ethnicity, you’ll find yourself emmersed┬áin a mixed culture community.
  • Having to pay for expensive text books, as well as course books
  • (If you miss your fams as much as me) Buying flights home for the weekend ALOT more than you think

How O week went…

When I was preparing myself for O-week, I thought of lots of parties, as well as making loads of friends etc, but I was wrong. On my first day the Maori/Pacific students were shown around the wide range of support and resources there are, as well the given an insight into the courses we were doing. It was amazing to find out the type of support offered to us students (Refer to picture below). I also found out about the Tuakana programme, which offers us extra tutorials, menoring and social support (, which I think I’ll definitely need!10325678_1690907271188538_3172291138163542260_n12745894_1690903324522266_262191708125342305_n

(From left to right: Marino Blank- Tuakana Coordinator, Lisa Filitonga- Pacific Academic Advisor, Sam Hughes- Maori Academic Advisor, Steve Papps- Student Support Advisor (Maori and Pacific))

The next day we were shown the huge lecture rooms; given a more in-depth insight into what we were all getting ourselves into, aswell as put in groups to be shown aroud the Uni itself. You probably wouldn’t know this, but UOA probably owns half of the city! This was an awesome time to also ask those random questions like ‘where’s the nearest bathroom’, ‘how do we use the printers?’ or ‘do we need laptops?’.

Now that all the hard works over, it’s time to party!!! On the few nights I did go out, it was crazy. If I were to give you just the highlights of my nights, you’d probably see skipits of: long waits in the club line, people accidently spilling alcohol on you, squads yelling “Dayam Daniel”, many stops at McDonalds and the regretful hangover in my 9am lecture. It’s all good to go out, just remember to wake up in the morning ­čÖé

So overall, the beginning of my Uni-life though daunting is actually very excited. I’ve had my first day and I know that the next 3 years will be the biggest investment I’ll make in my life. Keep in touch for┬ámy future blogs, I’ll pop something different in here each time ­čÖé So till next time, stay┬ásafe and good luck with the beginning of your studies.┬á