unknown (1)Woww we….. Well what a chaotic first 2 weeks of Uni it has been in the 09. So much to yarn about but to save you guys from being bored out I will try to keep it short and stick to what has stood out for me over these past two weeks.

Move in day

Move in day was not as I would have expected. I felt quite odd. Filled with mixed emotions. I mean there were students who had travelled thousands of kilometers to be here at the halls of residence…..and then there was me who only travelled roughly 20km, pretty much a 20min drive. So Yes I am a Auckland boy, been living in the 09 for most my life. Hence why I am a proud supporter of any sporting team that is from Auckland; Blues rugby team, Mystics netball team( even though I never ever ever watch netball), breakers, Warriors. “GO THE WARRIORS”* mad butcher voice

Anyway… Getting back on to topic leaving behind my family including my 1 year old dog and knowing I wouldn’t see them everyday was sad. However also knowing that home not like many of my fellow Whitaker wolves(Que wolf howling here) was only a short journey away, was comforting. I’ll be honest growing up in South Auckland for most my life move in day also came as quite a culture shock. Back in my hood( guys please don’t get the impression that I’m a g ) Asians, and Europeans are very rare specimens. So to then be in a place where brown faces are now a rarity is very different and will definitely take some time to get used to. Luckily though I am surrounded by very friendly and laid back peeps……..some however are party animals but I won’t mention any names here.

O Week

The one thing that I got out of o week is ” Its what you make of it” Personally my o week was average. But this was due to the fact that I had so many meetings and rugby trainings on that I missed out on most of the activities that were planned. I only really went to the TOGA party, which was so lit. I had such good fun and got turnt up with some super energetic people!
It made me realize that if I had gone to the other activities and dance parties what an O week I would have had.

So yeah guys if you want to have an awesome o week
GET INVOLVED. Make an effort to attend all the festivities planned. Don’t hang around in your room spending your nights twiddling dem thumbs, go out have a blast and get TURNT UP. Since it is only right I’m studying Engineering I will leave you guys with a simple equation:
positive energy + participation + slick dance moves   equals “THE BEST O WEEK”

Lastly lectures.

For those of you who are thinking of studying Engineering, I’m going to warn you guys so you can thank me later. It is full on from DAY ONE. DAY ONE!! so be prepared. Okay maybe I’m being just a tad bit dramatic, but we did have a basic skills test on the first week. The workload is also increasing day after day. I’ve also read through posts by previous bloggers about how cool Peter Bier is, who is the lecturer for my mathematical modeling course and they were exactly right. Peter makes the lectures pretty awesome. Half way through he will do some random act like juggling or show a vine clip……..unknown (3)

Okay so I’m probably losing you guys right now, too much words ughhh, so you will just have to witness him for yourself….sooo I hope you guys enjoyed some insight into the first couple of weeks of university, and I will see you guys later.

unknown (2)

P.S. 09 is the area code for Auckland which as you can see is stunning #mycity