So this has been bugging me for awhile and I just need to get it out of the way, I study Property not to become a realestate agent! What many people think when I tell them I’ll be studying Property this year, they immediately assume I’ll be selling houses… Really… Bruh. I chose to study this degree for a few reasons. 1)Commerce sounded boring and I hated economics 2)I feel passionate about how our Maori land is being used 3)It was different.

In the beginning of year 13 I had absolutely no idea where and what I wanted to study. I looked basically everywhere to find something that interested me, and I always fell back onto commerce (which I feel is a plan B degree for many students). But once the UOA rep came to my school and talked about their campus etc, I was hooked. Than he mentioned property, and once I looked into it the better it sounded- Property management, valuation, Maori land. Things that weren’t only interesting but sounded like something I’d enjoy doing. (I also jumped on the careers website and found that you get paid pretty nicely too 🙂 )

So far I’m loving my uni life, the entire first year is core commerce papers so if I want to change and go into that direction I guess that’s an option. Next year I start looking into the details of property and what I want to specialise in. Like, my ComLaw lecturer has almost convinced my to study law too! So I guess you never really know what you’ll be doing, until you actually get here and experience it for yourself.

People are still asking me what I want to do when I leave my studies, and I have no idea. I’m even thinking of conjoining with law, but who knows? I could even be the first female prime minister… Lol. But I’m definitely not going to be a real estate agent! Anyway, thats my little spiel for tonight, so now I should probably be getting some sleep. My alarms telling me if I go to sleep right now I’ll get 6 hours and 20 minutes sleep… oops. Till next time, Ata Marie