Although these three words may have different meanings, they have a special relationship, as the third week of semester one draws to close. Firstly Stress. How do I print? How do I issue a textbook on short loan? A million different question swirling around in my head, uncertainty my major emotion. Welcome to the real world, my lecturer would say. Real world? I was already struggling with life as it is! Writing down nearly every word on each slide in lectures, distinguishing between those who are just physically there and those who came to learn in lectures, let alone knowing exactly where my classes are. Uni life is great isn’t it!

This leads me to my second point. Over the last three or four weeks, I have somewhat develop an addiction to Caffeine. Typical, some may say. Whether it be that can of V, or a flat white just before class, to this point in my life I had never consumed such amount of caffeine. Actually it wasn’t until yesterday when I realised it’s dramatic side effects. Not on my health however on my bank account. Studying full-time sure ain’t cheap! So make the most of your opportunities, go to your lectures, do the required readings and get that caffeine hit before class! Also I become quite fond of the food court and quad (for obvious reasons). Whether it would be the delicious kebabs? Or perhaps sushi? The quad is filled with delicious food.

However, coming up to my first full month of uni, what have I actually been doing? Well one word pretty much sums it up, Procrastination. By definition , procrastination can be described as taking part in more pleasurable activities, or having a dynamic social life! The pleasures of social media, and the relative closeness of Queen St, make the prospect of procrastination all the more desirable. Although I have experienced on countless occasions leaving assignments and readings to the last minute, it seems I haven’t learnt my lesson. Still leaving my readings, online tasks, and quizzes till the last minute. However for some reason I’m able to update Facebook statuses, Instagram posts and the like.

Over-all the university experience thus far has been challenging but exciting. The continuous stressful workload on top of the incapabilities of managing a social life. Justifies the relationship of Stress. Caffeine. Procrastination.