With the conclusion of Orientation week and club expo’s, also the happy memories created over the summer, the school year is upon us. We are forever being told the benefits of tertiary education, such as, higher wages, better health outcomes, better chances of becoming employed etc. the list goes on. However what we are not prepared for is the mysteries of “the student life”, such as how to take notes in lectures, (let alone finding out where your lectures are), finding great study spots, (let alone the motivation to even study at all), and finding textbooks, or navigating through the universities computer system. I’m not going to lie university can seem like a daunting place to be. We also the great stories of “the student life”


However it’s not all doom and gloom. The most influential benefit to any student is the ability to make new friends, friends who can buy you lunch (hopefully), help you out on that assignment or give you notes on the lecture, you thought you’d watch the recording of. Trust me it’ll come a time where you’ll skip the odd lecture. The reality of being a university student, is the total freedom or independence. The responsibility is solely on you. However do not fret! There are countless number of social clubs, workshops and support on offer; University life is all about maintaining balance, not burning yourself out with studies, or binge watching the whole semester’s lecture recordings, on the eve of your exam, only to find out that for some reason the recordings won’t play. Interested in eating dessert? Interested in Traditional Island dancing? Interested in sports? There’s a social and interactive club just for you! Where you’ll meet like-minded people, who will eventually become life long friends.


Experiencing O- week, was something I surely wasn’t anticipating. The overload of new information leaves you wondering what actually is going on? Or what even is the lecturer talking about? Don’t worry we’ve all experienced it, and you will too. Your mind’s telling you yes to that macca’s combo deal, but your wallet is saying no! you look back at your transactions and think ‘was all this food really worth it?’ The struggles of “the student life”. Where support services like studylink become almost essential to survival.


If you are new to Auckland or just have a sense for adventure, there are heaps of cheap, fun and interesting activities to get involved in for under $20. These include Cheap Tuesday. Head to most Auckland cinemas on Tuesday evenings and get a sweet discount: movies at Queen St Event cinemas are $12.50 instead of $18.50. Also, Can’t afford a trip to Waiheke? Spend $12 on a return ferry ticket to Devonport, take in the views from the top of North Head and Mt Victoria and laze on Cheltenham Beach. The opportunities to explore Auckland, the city of sails are endless.


I acknowledge that studying at university is a monumental and significant milestone is anyone’s life. Although I have only had a week’s experience as a university student, I am still yet to discover the all the mysteries of “the student life”. Join me throughout this year as we together discover and explore the so called “student life”IMG_1636