I’m a little late to the party, but it was Assassins Week at Whitaker Hall a couple of weeks ago, and my goodness, it was stressful. There was screaming, running and even a broken glass incident, and I documented the whole week so I could share the experience with you guys!

For those of you who don’t know what Assassins’ Week is, I’ll give you a brief rundown of the rules:

  • You are given a slip of paper with your target’s name on it, which must be on you at all times. To ‘kill’ your target, you must hit them with a balled-up pair of socks.
  • If you kill your target, you obtain their target. If you get killed, you pass your target onto your assassin.
  • There are certain safe zones at the hall: the dining room, study room and the target’s own bedroom.
  • There is an immunity challenge every day, which grants you immunity (duh) from 9am until 5pm if you choose to take part in it.

Day 1 (Monday) – Pyjama Parade

My stylish attire for the day

My outfit for the day

Today’s immunity challenge was pretty self-explanatory; in order to be safe, you had to wear your pyjamas all day. For me, this meant venturing outside the comfort of my room and going to my Psych and Chem lectures dressed in my sleepwear. Apart from when I’ve been sick, I’ve never worn my pyjamas for a whole day (and have never felt the need to), so I hated this challenge. Sure, it was comfortable, but I felt unproductive and lazy and I couldn’t wait until the day was over.

Journal Excerpts:

3.29pm – I receive a heads-up that my target is in the study room and isn’t wearing pyjamas. I make the decision to pack up my gear and move to the study room (I wasn’t getting much work done in my room anyway lol). Although it’s a safe zone, I could make my kill if I wait for him to leave. Am I patient enough? I guess we’ll find out…

3.47pm – I see in my laptop screen reflection that my target is packing up his uni work and heading to the door, so I reach for my socks and try not to draw attention to myself. He checks that no one is waiting to ambush him outside; he forgets to check behind him. I lose sight of him for a few seconds when he ducks out, but the sound of a door slamming shut gives him away. I run after my target and land a blow on his back – SUCCESS! I have made my first kill and acquired my second target.

6.00pm – As I’m eating dinner, I notice someone on the neighbouring table hanging around even though the majority of his friend group is gone. He has finished eating and keeps turning to look in my general direction. Am I his target, or is this paranoia setting in?

6.10pm – He leaves the dining room but is hanging around outside one of the entrances, and my friends say that he keeps looking towards our end of the table. I’m beginning to think he is after me. I could try escaping but he’s too focused. I won’t risk it, not yet.

6.25pm – The assassin isn’t hanging around the dining room entrance; I’m hoping he has grown tired of waiting. I grab my stuff and make a run for it. As I’m rushing down the stairs, one of my friends screams, “Emily, RUN!”. I manage to reach the safe zone of the study room and seconds later, the assassin arrives at the door with socks in hand. He has blown his cover and I know to avoid him for the rest of the week.

Survived Day 1 – 1 kill; 1 attempt on my life

Total number of kills: 23

Day 2 (Tuesday) – Moustache Mastery

Of course this is natural, why do you ask?

Of course this is natural, why do you ask?


Journal Excerpts:

12.40 – leaving the dining room, we are aware that Victoria is being hunted. I go out first, as I have my moustache so I am immune. The coast is clear in front of us. Make a run for it, but right before we reach the stairs, I hear a scream. I turn, Victoria has been assassinated. What a brutal world we live in.

3.05 – I head out to Queen St with a couple of friends. We encounter a couple of moustached assassins, including my target. Unfortunately, I didn’t have my socks on me, but I know I’ll get another chance

4.55 – dinner was early due to the BIOSCI107 test, so immunity was still on – I was safe to walk to dinner with my moustache

5.20 – my target runs out of the dining room. I consider sprinting after her, but my assassin turns back and locks eyes with me. Nah mate, I’m not falling for it. I knew that he would come after me if I tried. I stay in my chair and wait for another opportunity.

5.50pm – I am safe for tonight, as my assassin has the BIOSCI107 test, so I am free to walk around the hall without fearing for my life.

2 missed opportunities, no attempt on my life, no kills

28 kills total

Day 3 (Wednesday) – Festive Façade



Journal Excerpts:

8.50am – time to paint, I decided to go for a classic, the Joker.

9.40am – while walking to uni, i get a wow and a small pretend scream from a passing car. I can tell people are looking at me. SO SELF-CONSCIOUS RIGHT NOW

10.00 – in my psychology lecture, no one is sitting near me lol

1.05 – just as I come up the stairs to the dining room, my target makes a run out of the dining room. I sprint after her before stopping; I don’t have my socks in my hand and she’ll be in her room before I can get her. I start to think about an ambush

3.58pm – I ask for help on my friend group chat – I get one volunteer to make sure that my assassin is in the dining room and stays there while i make my kill. I’m planning to ambush my target as she comes through the Whitaker Hall gate after she comes back from her lecture.

4.45 – head back to my room so I don’t have to worry about my assassin tracking me down (still got facepaint on)

5.35pm – i get a heads up from a friend (insert Emma’s warning). Looks like it would be safer to call the ambush off. I message the group chat and ask them to keep an eye on my assassin for me. I know I need a dinner dash and a toilet break before settling in for a long night ahead.

6.11pm – aggressive knocking at my door, panicked messages from my friends. I had taken my name down from my door in case this happened. After a second round of knocking, I hear him walk away and knock on other doors. Maeve messages me saying that he’s paranoid that she is hiding me in her room. My heart is pounding.

6.22 – i make the decision to fake going to my brother’s for dinner to buy myself a peaceful few hours. I message everyone who has been helping me and say that if Rob asks, I’m out for the next few hours. Everyone believes me.

6.50 – I settle into bed and turn out my lights to keep up the facade. Time to do some quality study.

Every half hour, he comes back and knocks aggressively on my door. I don’t know if it’s because he knows I’m in here or if he is just holding out hope that I am. Either way, I’m settling in for an early night

During the stint, two of my friends message me asking when I’m coming back from my brother’s. I can hear them discussing with Rob in the hallway. I decide to fuck with them and say that I might stay the night.

“That’s so unsportsmanlike.” I hear someone say.

approx. 9.30 – I hear my assassin say good night to everyone. Has he given up?

10.00 – I go for my toilet break after a lookout has given me the all clear. My assassin has given up. I message the group chat, declaring that I’ve been here the whole time. I hear laughing and running, then a knock on my door. Maeve and Sophie are cracking up.

I’m very proud of myself.

Turns out that my assassin sacrificed himself, as he was going to be eliminated anyway.

Continued attempt on my life, managed to bluff my way through. SUrvived the night and could sleep easy. One attempt on my target – unsuccessful

22 kills total


Day 4 (Thursday) – Cross-Dressing Couture


Journal Excerpts:

8.45am – on goes the beanie and the beard for cross dressing

Pretty normal day, Rob is pissed off at me lol

9.45am – i get a compliment on my beard, feel quite pleased with myself

12.00 – “whoa I didn’t recognise you, I could tell you were playing but I had no idea who you were. Such a full beard!” a few others compliment me on my cross dress. Have to take the beard off because I have a chemistry lab and don’t want to have to explain myself to everyone. I keep everything else on though

4.55 – make it to dinner, immunity still on.

5.30 – cross dressing photo, granted 5 minutes immunity, gun it out of the hall and off to my first test of the year (Chem150)

7.38pm – who i think is my assassin walks past, I don’t know if he recognised me (I have changed clothes and have my hood up). He was still carrying his socks from what I could see, so assumed he was still in the game

7.40 – get associates to drop my gear off in my room as I grab my goalie gear from the bike shed

8.45 – after hockey practise, get friends to be lookouts and help me get to and from my room without getting caught. No attempt. Off to the movies I go.

11.15 – arrive home, going through the back entrance just in case, minimal visibility going the back way. Have a toilet stop on the 3rd level of Laura Ferg before a mate volunteers to shut the door to the Laura Ferg common room so i can make my way safely to my room. Success, I have not been killed.

Attempts: 1 assumed missed attempt, Kills – none, my target evades me

Compliments on my beard game: too many to count 😉

6 kills total

Day 5 (Friday) – No More Secrets



Got killed at 1.05

pretended i was still alive to trick people