I know, I know, it’s just hit mid-semester break and I still haven’t blogged about anything course specific. How could I when I’m constantly distracted by food and hall activities?

Students are all about their snacks. The vending machines on level one are consistently drained of their sugar-filled goodies. I’ve somehow managed to avoid the temptation so far. I don’t think I’ve gone a day without seeing someone fire up the kettle and stink out the common room with the familiar waft of two-minute noodles.

That’s why when we heard the Moustache cookie van was going to be parked outside the hall, it seemed everyone had grabbed their cards and were ready to swipe for some glorious cookies and milkshakes. What we created was a crazy, massive (civilised) line outside the bright bulbs of the van.


I’m glad a few people from my floor decided to go early so we didn’t have to wait very long at all, whereas some people waited for over an hour. Hungry students? I think yes. Poor students? I think not…


The line was actually double what you’re seeing…

And back to study we went… until the next night, of course.


Off to Elliot Stables for a night out with the floor fam. It was near the Sky Tower and is pretty much a glorified food court in the simplest of terms– you order from anywhere, you give them your table number, wait, then FOOD. I was actually looking out for both my stomach and my wallet so I had dinner at the hall and had dessert and a beer there. I don’t know if I was surprised or not that a certain few ordered multiple cocktails and beers spending nearly double what they did on food… (no, I don’t think I was surprised at all!)

Here’s a collection of flattering photos:

IMG_1496 IMG_2750

IMG_2756 IMG_2742

Turns out 11th floor also had the same idea AND the head chef who, once he saw us, popped a “uni haaaaaallllll!” aaand then left.


As I am typing, the game makers have introduced the latest merciless rule: a “kill as many people as you can” free for all. It’s Hunger Games week at Uni Hall and something similar in the other halls. It’s been a whirlwind of a week and very distracting, even though I died the first day in the lamest way possible.


The most amusing part of Hunger Games week has been those completing the immunity challenges to avoid being killed. Monday’s was to have your clothes in reverse order so underwear had to be on the outside. I was dedicated and wore my underwear to uni that day. I was definitely stealthy, though. I had black underwear on top of black shorts partially covered by a black top. Tuesday was anything but clothes which meant many people resorted to wearing rubbish bags and togas. Wednesday was full orange, Thursday you had to have your leg tied to someone else and finally, Friday is to shave an eyebrow  which is insane and I’m both glad and guttered I didn’t see anyone missing one.

In order to kill someone, you have to either spray them with water, hit them with socks or put a peg on them. I haven’t seen any pegs, but socks were popular among those who felt bad spraying water on someone. However, those who didn’t… they went all out. I’ve seen elevator walls dripping with water, people being chased in and out of the hall, water bottles in hand and have heard of targets being killed by having buckets of water tipped on their heads. People aren’t playing around, especially when they rock up in masks and hoodies.


14th floor RA, Jibi, had been posting riddles for the immunity idol throughout the week. I managed to find the second and fourth ones making me feel like a genius, especially when so many others were looking for it too. The immunity riddles had my mates and I looking outside the hall past 12am, wandering half asleep at 6.45am, in a graveyard at 8pm and trying to figure out how “Netflix and chill” was a clue that could lead us somewhere.


Clue 2 of the final 3-part immunity…

One of the safe zones is the reception, and if you try to kill someone in a safe zone then you die…

This is the dumb story of how I died: I spotted my target, got excited because they weren’t doing the immunity challenge, I threw my sock at him and he replied, “isn’t reception a safe zone?” So, I left. Embarrassed and DEAD.

– Bryan