You wouldn’t choose to major in English if you didn’t have some interest in the feelings of others – that’s what English is, it revolves around the desire to understand the world around us. So here’s what you need to know about how the two English courses I am taking right now (which constitute part of my BA) are going:


  • English 102 ‘Seduction and Betrayal’ is not, as the title leads you to believe, about people’s passionate and dangerous love lives (which is why I wanted to take it in the first place – I’m nosy). Instead, this course has revolved around reading a lot (I have an active social life, I play sport, I struggle with this thing called law) and takes up quite some time. Other than having a lot to read (go figure, it is English) I am enjoying it.
  • English 112 ‘Contested spaces’ has the lectures I enjoy the least, but the topic I enjoy the most. The active dissolution of a negative colonial history is right up my street! If you’re interested in this as well, then this class is for you.


Overall, assignments are pretty straight forward. You aren’t given a marking schedule but you are given a bullet-pointed list of things to include, which is easy to decipher and almost gives a structure to whatever you’re writing.


We’re currently on our mid-semester break which I was planning to use to catch up on reading/making notes on the books for both classes, but so far there has only been copious amounts of drinking with fellow sufferers (which we feel is well deserved).


A law students worst enemy and best friend – Tequila

While it’s only April and exams are in June, my wall-planner shows me how close we really are to spitting out everything we’ve learnt onto blank sheets of paper, and it really isn’t that long to go. Considering that there’s only one solid month until D-day (with my law exam being first up), it’s that time of the year to consider a proper study plan.


Study plans aren’t really any fun, they’re tedious to make up since you have to take into account everything going on in your life – but they’re necessary. Study plans show you when it’s appropriate to study and why. Contrary to popular belief, this is important. My law exam is on the 9th of June, my 19th birthday is on the 8th. Chances are I’ll still use my night to study, but I’ll probably have to centre that around a dinner or some other sort of celebration. In order to avoid a panic attack at having to go out the night before an exam, I can easily separate my study into manageable chunks so I feel there really isn’t any need to study (and freak myself out) on my own birthday (I know what you’re thinking, great work Tiana).


Also, if it weren’t for my handy dandy wall planner, I wouldn’t even know I had to write a blog today. Quick thanks to past Tiana for recognising future Tiana is often forgetful! (Am I the only person who finds it kind of weird when people talk about themselves in third person? *hits back space button ferociously*)


On the more exciting side of life, law school has shown itself to be a brutal place (which is great!). The debates going on have shown me exactly who I don’t want to be friends with, and who I would punch first in a brawl. Further than this, they’ve shown me who to secretly admire (in terms of similar beliefs… Gosh guys, I do sometimes not focus on aptly named ‘hot law school guy’). Law school is FUN. The banter is hilarious, and the level of intellectualism in peoples commentary is something to smile about (super-dork moment). If you, like me, are not cut out for med-school, law might be the place for you.


University is starting to feel like a regular and enjoyable daily exercise and I am enthusiastically awaiting more…