Holidays have just finished, and uni is back in full swing(yay!)

Anyway…….. my ONE WEEK!!!!!! holiday wasnt reallllly a HOLIDAY!!!. I arrived back home to this big fella, who despite his sudden sugar rushes, and early morning barks always seems to put a smile one my face.


Anyway I spent most of  the ONE WEEK!!!!!  studying and catching up on stuff. Mainly though for my biology and chemistry course, because of I just found out mid week that we have a test next week.(YAY!). Sorry for my sour and sarcastic attitude. But really one week… week. c’mon mate. Other than that it was also a good time to spend with the whanau. And catching up  on watching some super rugby. When you live at the halls rarely do you watch some tv. So when i was not studying i would be on my leather couch, with a bowl of Doritos and eyes fixated on the rugby. (GO THE BLUES!!)

Also coming up after my mid semester test i have a bio fuels project worth around 13%(Geeeezzz uni just gets better and better doesnt it*sarcastic tone). But all this uni academic work that is just stressing me out is probably boring you guys out(if its not though then please fell free to ask me any thangg yall )……So lets talk about the more important stuff, that is….. the non-academic stuff lol(*im joking)

  • food: now honestly i don’t buy any food from the uni diary’s, but some of my mates do any boy do they smell nice. Pushing my budget just a bit thou
  • Girls: Literally fellas everywhere you look, north, south, east, west, 12 o clock, 9 and 6 o clock, there is a pretty girl…. ive discussed this previously but im discussin it again cos theres just that much.
  • Clubbing: id have to say that the uni bar or the place where everyone hits up is bar 101. Located just off queen street, bar 101 is the place to be if you have a wide taste in music. From hip hop, dance, dubstep, electronic. But overall its a good bar to let loose and wipe the cobwebs from dem jiggling legs and have a little boogey
  • Whitaker hall: loving the halls now. Apart  from the lovely folks and the best resident advisor(you’re welcome Tahlia!) the best part( oh and the FOOD)  is the b- ball court. Quite a ground breaking event occurred on the courts. Firstly… well here it is.

yes, after years, a net has finally been erected. A swish is nothing without it. However most importantly I am one up on my mate in our little NBA series… #kingofthecourt

Its just reaching, past my intended allocated time for this blog. ive got some study to do.. and a nice shower to take….so i hope you guys are enjoying my blogs, and will see yall later. Peace. Ohh and just an update my bank account is looking alot healthier now, cheers studylink.