Dear readers,
This week I’ve been waking up early, getting to sleep late and overdosing on way too much chocolate. All key signs in an upcoming test! Business 101, my first university exam was coming up and I was freaking out! Though this test is probably the best one start your uni life off with, as you get 10 minutes reading time with an additional 90 minutes to write your essay plus (this is the good part), you get to take in a piece of paper with any notes you what on it, yuss. So as you can probably tell I crammed up my paper 👍Snapchat-4890218250988963958

I have to write an essay basically outlining the different aspects of how sustainability effects a company. Preparation so far has been pretty good, though I bet all the notes I made are far from sustainable 😅 I also made a bet with my study group, that whoever gets the worst mark out of all of us has to buy everyone lunch, which has made us all push that little bit harder.

As I was waiting outside the room surrounded by other hyperventilating students, I met a guy who probably gave me the worse advice he could’ve think of before a test. “Apparently last year 40% of students failed this test, so it’s all good if you fail”. Really dude. That’s what you’re gonna tell me to get through this test… Even more terrified now thinking I could become another failing statistic, I went into the test. And it was (though very scary) everything I expected. Most of the concepts given to me in my lectures and readings needed to be discussed, so luckily I listened! Now all I have to wait for is the results… fingers crossed I won’t be buying lunch!

So after all this fuss I think uni is actually just like year 13… but a lot harder… and the entire year is squished into one semester… The only advice I can think that’ll help anyone else going through exams is the same old advice everyone says, study! Not later right now! So stop reading this blog and get to it haha.

(P.s the day after this exam I flew off to aussie than off to Bali 🎉, so keep a look out for my next blog. I’ll tell you all about how to manage time away from uni, plus I’ll show a few pics from my amazing adventure😊)                     Snapchat-3117557278483024211         12920298_10205593798518549_4255120731177624415_n