Do you know what that means??


But am I really going home???

Mauri ora Whanau!

For those of you who are still at school I hope you’re making the most of holidays. For us university students we have reached the milestone of our first mid semester break 2016.

Even though it’s not actually a break (because we still have study to do) for the majority of first year students it is our first visit home…

well that’s what I initially thought

After 7 weeks living in the Great City of Auckland I begin my journey back to Taranaki for the first time.


This is when it hits me….

I am not returning home but in fact leaving home.

I never realised until it was time to pack up and leave that I had made myself fully, contently and completely at home living in Auckland.

I have lived in various different places in the past few years. Taranaki will always be where I am from, where I have grown up and where my whanau is but Auckland is now my home. I can honestly say I love life in Auckland.

12383357_261174660884353_2024338283_nI’ve been “home” (Taranaki) for almost five days now and I have not felt more homesick in my life!

I head back to Auckland tomorrow morning YAY!  I cannot wait to get back! So much so I packed my bags two nights ago lol.

I am happy that I have found comfort in living at Auckland. Not only is Grafton Hall my new home. But Grafton Hall is my new                                                                                                            family.

I may have mentioned in my first Blog how much I love the Grafton Hall atmosphere but I MUST reiterate! I miss the energy, I miss the laughs, I miss the sarcasm, I miss the petty arguments, I miss the wairua (spirit), I miss my new home and I miss my new whanau (family).

With that said, I think you get my point of this blog… I could not be more happier living in Auckland and I could not ask for a better group of people to share my uni experience with!



As the saying goes “home is where the heat is” and my heart is wholeheartedly at Grafton Hall in Auckland (yes I know cliche lol).