Its been a good month of university life, and I can officially say that I have settled in. Seeing as it has taken me quite a while to find my inner-university peace, I thought that it might be a good idea to compile a list of the things I wish someone had told me when I first started, just in case it helps anyone else out there who needs a little help with the small things.

1.How to turn on the computers in the Engineering Lab

If you’re the first one at uni in the morning (what can I say, early bird gets the worm), you might find that none of the computers are actually switched on. You try click the start button- it doesn’t turn on. You look shiftily around to check if anyone is watching. You press the button again. It still doesn’t work…. You look under the desk and AH HA! There’s a second power button. BUT BEWARE. It’s the button on the left side of the desk, not the right. Don’t do what I did and turn off the computer of the person next to you. :O (How to not make friends 101).


2.Finding the showers

There are showers underneath the quad near Kate Edger, which is great if you run during the day or cycle to uni. Finding them, however, is not so great. The best route to take, in my opinion, is to go up to the AUSA house, take a left turn down the alley directly after, and keep walking straight until you see the signs saying showers. I plan to put my shower finding skills to use when I have tests in the evening, a good shower always helps to clear the head, particularly before a test (works for me, anyway!).

3. Everything’s closed on the weekends

For some stupid reason I expected that all the computer labs would be open on the weekend, and came in to do my creo assignment for 115 only to find I couldn’t get in the door. Stood there like a sad puppy looking very lost and quite confused. It wasn’t my best moment.

4. The HOP Card Saga

If you live in Auckland and suddenly need to load your tertiary student concession onto your AT HOP Card, the HOP card saga will hit you around March the 30th when your secondary school ID expires. The saga consists of 4 unfortunate problemos that are bound to get in the way of an otherwise okay week.

First problem: waiting in line at the GO ticket on campus takes FOREVER and they can’t actually renew the concession (i.e. you just get a pretty sticker (note: it’s not even that pretty)).

Second problem: You have to apply for your concession online.

Third problem: If you have a linked account, you can’t change it yourself, you have to ring up the help centre and get them to do it for you.

Fourth problem: Then you have to find the AT HOP centre at AUT (THE DARK SIDE) which is a total nightmare because its a whole different campus and you feel like a bit of a traitor.

Conclusion: Do it early, not late, so you don’t have to pay any horrible adult fares (student debt is enough on its own).


On a side note, I’m getting underway with a few assignments and life’s not looking too bad.

A poem, inspired by the life of a first year engineering student:

IMG_2778 (1)

My room is a mess,

I am sleepy.

Passed the statics test,

I am sleepy.

Creo assignment due,

Makes me weepy,

But mostly sleepy.



Poetic, I think. (Maybe I should be doing a poetry major instead!) Or maybe not. Here’s to a good mid semester break 🙂