Ok so here’s the lowdown…….(sigh)(eyes starting to water)
About 3 weeks ago I was given 1000 dollars from the University to spend on whatever I desire. Now I guess living in the city there is so much temptation you are surrounded by to just go and ball out. I mean you’ve got the best shoe stores, the best clothing stores you’ve got Maccas, Wendys, Starbucks,BK, and my favorite Bruce lee sushi.
Sooooooo…… I would like to tell you guys I spent ma money wisely and efficiently like a matured young adult but then I would be lying… Which then would lead me to the good old pacific island disciplining. Soooo let’s just say that as it stands my bank account wont even let me buy a mince and cheese pie.

Yup the struggle is real my brothers and sisters. And so now when mates ask me if I want to go out to the movies, town or just a walk to the dairy my reply would be “your shout aye”😉😉 to which they would  reply

Definitely a lesson learned because now that I think of what I actually spent my money on, most of it didn’t actually go towards university basics such as  books or pens. I am literally sitting in the lecture theater with one blue paper-mate pen.(Oops!) Moral of the story is prioritize yo cash money peeps! However on the brighter side of things my shoe game did receive a top up with what every male and female student should have in their closet….the ML574 new balance…..simplistic and comfortable.

Onto other news, mid semester tests have completely consumed my life so far. I have had two tests thus far. One on statics(121-physics) and one on the first part of mathematical modelling(111). Thoughts?..yeah not gonna lie, my 111 was not to difficult, however my 121 was um……ahhhh….. well on a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being easy and 10 being beyond tough, i mean like alien level, then i would probably give it a 7. I also have one more to go, before the mid semester BREAK!!( which i am so looking forward to). So yeah my life has just been all study so far, which as you can see in the photo has been jolly! and now I excitedly count down the days before the break.



what else??…..hmmmmm. word check 403…. boredom levels check….good. Because im a good sport inter res touch didnt go to well. But you know us wolves we put up a fight, battled on courageously, and were winners in our own eyes, which is all that counts. We drew our first game, lost the next 2 and then won our last game in which I scored the winning try with a spectacular dive…(Thank you, thank you…oh please stop it, you guys are too kind, could havent done it without the team though).


So I have finally experienced 6 full on weeks of university and yeah i have to say big, BIG difference to high school. I think the massive difference for me is the work. Like i dont mind the workload, but the actual content is a real step up from high school. It requires a slightly higher level of thinking. So yeah that’s something im still getting used to. But i will see  you guys next time. Bye felicia!