Hard to believe it, but yes it’s halfway through my the semester! The past month and a bit have seemed to be a distant memory. What was once a confused, shy and very anti-social fresh face University student is slowing but surely finding his feet in this massive collective they call University. So how is University going? Well it’s going quite well, with it being halfway through the semester, there’s no better way to celebrate than having Mid-Semester tests, (cries). Yes that’s right, the last few weeks if you would have had the pleasure of seeing me, I would be huddled away in a cubicle somewhere in OGGB, looking like i’m studying but really playing with the snapchat filters, making others look funny at my own amusement. Yes you could say, my procrastination is strong, but whose isn’t. However I personally haven’t caught onto the frenzy with the Dog filter. Anyways so due to my endless attempts to study, I have basically had a very limited social life, by limited I’m meaning my brother and Sister, so you figure out how limited my sad, depressing social life is right now lol.


Two mid-semesters in the space of three days, oh the delight! (sarcastic tone). However finally some may say, I have finally began to find my feet, and am no longer than annoying person that asks where this building is, or what this particular word means, basically wondering why my friends haven’t uppercut me by now tbh. Finding my feet at University, must however start at the foodcourt in the quad, right? Like you can’t concentrate on an empty stomach and who doesn’t love food, especially when you unfortunately forget your wallet at home, (I didn’t actually, I’m just the low-key free-rider in my group of mates), so if any of them are reading this right now, I’m sorry. So I’d personally recommend the butter chicken, but there’s plenty to choose from, moving along to study spaces. There’s the general library, but also each faculty has there own study spaces, and computer labs, for easy computer access.
Whats next? Textbooks? Textbooks are ridiculously expensive, so I’ll give you a tip about borrowing textbooks on short loan. Short loan is borrowing a textbook for a maximum amount of time of two hours. So therefore, issue out the required textbook, an hour or so before the library closes. In this case, you’re able to take the book home and use it overnight and early in the morning, then return it an hour after the library opens again the next day. As technically you’ve only had out for two hours, just one hour from the previous day, and the remaining hour from when the library opens again on the next day. Second tip, fully utilise all the computer labs and study space on offer, in the late hours of the night, it’s basically dead quiet and there’s hardly anyone so no distractions, for that wandering eye (guys you know what I’m talking about, don’t try denying it) , other than this don’t leave all your work for the last minute and begin cramming and stressing, like I have learnt in the intense 6 week period I’ve had of the University of Auckland thus far.