Nothing epic has happened to me in the last two weeks, besides banning myself from seeing my baby – no, not a real baby – Instagram. It was a long nine days in the lead up to the law test that was (thankfully) worth nothing (only plussage, something I don’t care about because I plan to get an A+ in the exam that counts for a full 100%) and my sociology test worth 20%. Goodbye my child! Hello my books! (Yes, those things that have been lying on my floor since the day of their purchase).


Here’s the study rules I live by, and you might want to live by them too. They come from Sophia Chua-Rubenfield, daughter of THE tiger mother and they’re aptly titled ‘How to Study Like a Harvard Student’. While there’s 26 rules, here’s the most important:


3) Study less, study better

12) Give yourself incentive (you’ll get more done if you know you’re going somewhere later)

18) Don’t read everything, but understand everything you read

21) If you don’t understand it, it will definitely be on the exam

26) Crush exam, get A


Memorising a timeline of cases

While I still have two assignments and one more test to conquer in the next week, I’m not feeling stressed. Stress, is not good for the body or mind. When you reach the point in your life when you have so much to do and so little time to do it, you should probably nap, or go for a walk. Just remember that your mind doesn’t work well shackled.


Other than my study misadventures I:

  • Found an eatery to become a regular at and I LOVE it
  • Vomited into the viaduct before even getting into one club
  • Probably ate the most McDonalds I have ever eaten in one night
  • Witnessed the tragic break up of the ‘soon to be favourite couple’ mentioned in blog two
  • Found out who handed in my wallet *heart eyes emoji* and
  • Still haven’t made any new friends


On the topic of friends, don’t read this and be discouraged by my lack of social ability – it’s just my mean looking resting face, which I can’t help, that probably makes me look unapproachable. As long as you don’t have one of these, then you’ll be fine (Sidenote: I wrote this jokingly).


All that aside, I have settled into the routine of uni life. Currently taking every day as it comes, taking care of assignments and tests one at a time, and continuing my appearance in the café community.


Also, I made savoury muffins today

Yours boringly,