Do you want to take first year law??? 

Are you sure????

One hundred percent positive????


Hey Guy’s I am back again and tired as ever!! Want to know why?

First Year LAW

Six weeks ago I took on the challenge of first year law, despite the size of the course book readings…. Did I mention how much I HATE READING?12966401_888722874572178_2079909819_n

In this blog I am going to share with you my experience and observation of other peoples experience in first year Law so far.

As you have probably heard first year Law is EXTREMELY competitive. So much so I have heard stories of people going to the extent of ripping up other peoples notes and going out of their way to sabotage them just in the hope that they might get in to second year law… Crazy right??? 

This is for the very reason that to get in to second year law you most likely need an A- grade point average at the very least. Let me just repeat that… An A- grade point average. But hey, what’s life without a challenge I guess?


Anyway, our first year law test was coming up. It was worth potentially 20 percent of our final grade. You could image how much time was spent studying, writing notes and reading was spent that week!

Just like most exams we enter our exam not knowing what is going to be asked… So pretty much we study and learn EVERYTHING! I went to a few study groups and it made me feel like I knew next to nothing!? I was shocked! After a quick “I hate Law” text to Mum I picked myself up and entered “Study Mode”.

After a whole night staying up going over my notes and writing them out my wall looked like this…


Prior to the test I kept calm and collected all day. I did talk over the content with one of my class mates before the test though – lets call him Classmate 1.

I didn’t do too much study because I felt getting into too much detail might throw me off. But another class mate (Classmate 2) had been studying non stop all week and was my go to person if ever I needed help. Basically..

Classmate 1 knew only the very basics and was asking me for help.

Classmate 2 knew EVERYTHING inside out.

Now it was test time..

I went in the test with no expectations, which I think was really helpful. When I opened my test paper I just thought…. oh my goodness.

So the question was simple…. but was worded in a way which at first read would throw you completely off track! So initially I freaked out!!!

After scribbling out my introduction and changing my perception on the question about three times I took a deep breath and realized… Hey! This isn’t hard!

By the end of writing the essay I wasn’t feeling happy but I was feeling good about my effort. My only regret was not taking a deep breath and reading the question properly to begin with.

Here is where it get’s interesting…

So straight after the test I ask Classmate 1

“How was it?” the reply “I thought it was really good, I knew everything I needed to and I think I will get a good mark”.

2 hours later Classmate 2 swings my door open in anger ranting “I hated that test! It sucked! The question sucked! It wasn’t what I was expecting”

Now we are all left waiting anxiously for our results, all expecting different marks.

The point I’m trying to make is... First year Law is time consuming, frustrating and has a element of surprise. Whether you want to brave the challenge or give it a miss is entirely up to you.