It’s been a week since I’ve been back from my amazing trip in Bali, and it was awesome! Those 8 days went so quickly, and have made an honest impact on me. Walking through the streets I saw people who lived off close to nothing, but were so happy with it. It put the pressure of uni into perspective. Instead of being stressed out, I should be feeling blessed that I’m this lucky to be able to attend such a renowned university. I’m truely blessed 🙂


Though along with this realisation, I also remembered about the mid-semster tests coming up. You’re not on holiday anymore Awhi. I had one last look through my adventure gallery, than hit the library again. Being away for a little over a week meant I needed to catch up, quick! Which is why I’m so lucky that the University has ‘Canvas’.

Canvas, you are my saviour

I can’t even begin to explain the amount of times this site has saved my butt. This is a site that all students can access, and contains the papers you’re studying as well as resources you can access such as: answers to course book questions/answers, exemplar papers, readings and my ABSOLUTE FAVOURITE PART… lecture recordings! All the lectures I missed are recorded and put on canvas incase you want to review the lecture, or like me you’ve missed it. So lucky me, I pulled out my earphones and listened for a solid 5 hours straight on lectures I’d missed(which was in all honesty was pretty boring). It also has a system that allows students from your papers to ask anonymous questions about assignments, general enquiries or just random questions that would be low key embarrassing to ask at the lectures.

As lucky as I was to have this resource, if I could’ve I would’ve preferred to just attend the lecture because listening isn’t the same as watching first hand. (So for any students out there thinking that this is a good trade for those late lectures, it’s probably not the best option).

12 days, 1 assignment and 2 tests later I’m slowly ticking along. I’m pretty much up to date, and am pretty confident with my tests and study for the soon to come end of semester exams… :/. Though inter-semester break (i.e a week to study for exams) is next week, so I’ll cram till than so I can get a good break back home in Napier, yuss!

Also, I promised a video of my Bali trip but sadly we’re having some technical issues and have to postpone it till I figure it out.

My next blog will outline a few tips on how I managed my homesickness while I was away and just in general, so keep a look out for it!