My twin and I were born in May so we have always been almost a year younger than all of our friends and classmates.For myself personally this hasn’t had many downsides, I’ve never felt too young or left behind but instead I used to think it was pretty cool that we got to spend a year less at school.

In the end by the time I had to move off to University, I realised it meant I had to learn to do adult things earlier than any of my siblings had to. Two of my friends on my floor turned 19 the week before my birthday while I was still 17.

So whats it like becoming an adult later than everybody else? Fortunately, or unfortunately depending on how you look at it, I can’t say it has been that different.

Anyway, I wasn’t expecting much for my birthday considering that I just meet most of my friends at the hall 2 and a half months ago. Lets just say that was another wrong assumption I’ve made about University and they went all out.

So on Thursday night I went over with some people from University Hall to O’Rorke to watch inter residential debating. I had no real idea what debating was and I have to say it was a lot more exciting than I expected. Two of my friends were on the University Hall debating team which made it even funner because most of my floor was there and we were all getting really involved in the competition.

The final was University Hall against O’Rorke who are our main competition. We really wanted to win, not only for the reward of being champions for the fifth year in a row but I also wanted to beat O’Rorke so that I could have the satisfaction of winning against my brothers hall. Coming from a completely unbiased perspective, University Hall was the best team by miles. Now I’m not saying the other teams were bad because I was actually so surprised at how good everybody was but I personally thought that our team was on a whole different level. Unfortunately, by the end of the night the winners were announced and even the other team seemed slightly surprised. Anyway, these experiences are so different to what high school was like for me anyway and it was so fun to get involved in the hall spirit for all these competitions.

Supporting UH at inter-res debating

Supporting UH at inter-res debating


So we got back from this hall just before midnight and then the birthday celebrations started. I was beyond blessed from so many different people and I can honestly say it was one of the best birthdays I have ever had (definitely top 18)…

I went to my two morning lectures but decided to miss the afternoon one which I am now having to watch at 11pm on a Sunday night. The rest of the day was jam packed going out to lunch, getting visited by friends, going to the winter flower gardens, my parents came down to take me and my twin out to dinner and then we celebrated at night with some of our friends. The celebrations then continued throughout the weekend with our older siblings coming together. We went to my older brothers house where they had decorated the living room, baked cakes and prepared the nicest dinner (although it doesn’t take much to beat hall food in all honesty) and truly put in so much effort.

The only downside to what I honestly consider as one of the best birthday weekends is the fact that I only got back this afternoon which means that I have ALOT of catching up to do and am going to continue writing my essay now until the early hours of the morning. Thats all for now and I am now preparing myself for the fact that I am going to feel like I have been hit by a steam truck tomorrow which is generally what happens when you only get a few hours of sleep (university joys) .IMG_1096

My twin and I with more surprises

Twin + surprises


More Surprises