A lot of people have dropped out of law, the amount of people that show up to class is quickly diminishing. What does this prove? Not that law is hard, but that it’s just not for everyone. A word of advice: If your true dream isn’t to be a lawyer, then don’t bother. This isn’t a quitters attitude, this is a simple “life is too short to waste time” moment. If there’s something that you’d rather be doing, then do it.

A note on ultimate betrayal: My best friend in the whole world has made a uni friend, has she forgotten I exist? They went and saw a movie together. WHAT? I feel like I’ve been cheated on. This behaviour is totally unacceptable. But really… I’m just jealous because I haven’t made any uni friends. I suppose this fact doesn’t really bother me because I have heaps of friends anyway. But still, where all my adventurous intellectuals at? Everybody else seems to make a ‘fun’ clique of ‘uni’ friends, guess I’ll just have to wait my turn.

I recently made a studygram (study Instagram @booksandoutlooks) where I post my tips and tricks to studying and the response has been quite good. Aisake aptly called it “Inside Word Part 2” haha. Here’s some of the things I’ve done so far:

  • Started a challenge called “100 days of productivity” where I contribute to my academic success in some way every day! I’m on day 10 at the moment.
  • Started a bullet journal where you have every day of the week and what you’re going to accomplish on that day. You then cross it off like one big checklist.
  • In my bullet journal I have a habit tracker, where if I tick off a row I get to reward myself.

The bullet journal – which has turned out surprisingly pretty!


Sad truths: After finishing a two week extravaganza of due things we decided to 13220017_1166708036730399_1832339275_ncongratulate ourselves by drinking at shadows as soon as it opened (12pm). Our intentions were pure, one drink and then we’d go home to continue. One jug turned into 2, to 3, to 4. One shot turned into 2, to 3, to various other numerals. We hadn’t eaten all day, we have no one to blame but ourselves. Lets just say, we didn’t make it on the bus home – we had to get picked up. Lets also say, my best friend didn’t make it to drinks on Saturday night either, and may have had to tell her parents she had food poisoning… ooops. As for me, my mother was none too impressed… especially at my white shoes which had been subject to some serious spillage (from cups, my stomach, all sorts). Being the tough cookie I am I swore “I will never drink again”… and then ended up completely forgetting I promised this less than 24 hours later (my friends are bad influences, though they would probably say I’m my own worst enemy. Not true, definitely them).


13246128_1166708026730400_1365001519_nLong story short: Being tragically drunk is one of universities great moments. Just LIVING is one of universities great moments. We have so much time to be “grown up” and “learned” which means we have to accept now is the time in our lives to have fun. It could be worse, we could be at another particular uni getting degrees in drinking (Yeah I said it, I see y’all on my facebook feed hahaha).

Yours humorously,