10 weeks down, 4 exams to go and honestly I thought I hit my stress max during mid semester tests, but these exams is what’s real!


Friend: Awhi! How’d you go in your mid tests?

Awhi: Alright, yourself?

Friend: Not so good, but that’s alright I can make it up in the end of semesters tests coming up.

Awhi: … Coming up, what do you mean?

Friend: Awhi, the end of semester exams are worth my than your mids. They’re in 4 weeks… Have you studied?

Awhi: … Yeah of course… Of course I have…


So most of my mid semester exams contributed to around 10-30% of my final grade right, which at that point was huge! I pushed myself so hard to get the marks that I wanted, that was until 2 weeks late I realised that exams worth up to 60% were coming up! With this realisation I have to be honest, I thought about quitting. Thought ‘I can’t do this it’s way too hard’… But what stink reason to give up. Though sadly it did take me around 2 weeks to reach this realisation, and I missed key classes. I now currently have 3 more weeks of lectures, and am 4 weeks away from my very first exam. And to top that off, I also got a job!




So in the midst of considering ALL the ups and downs of uni, I started to apply for jobs, (cause minimum wage is way better than a degree, lol). One of which was for Slingshot, to simply receive and answer emails to customers. And before you know it I got it, and was sitting in a building surrounded by tech agents………………… what have you got yourself into Awhi?? My hours consist of 8-12 or 6-10 shifts from Monday to Friday. I think if I keep my priorities straight, I’ll be able to balance my work/school/social and gym life. But for the meantime, getting a hold of everything isn’t easy.

A few weeks have passed since this stage in my life, and it’s going good. Though if you think doing everything at once is easy you’re wrong, life’s hard! My advice to my future self:

Firstly, chill out and don’t over think everything. You’re a student going through student problems, you don;t have to look very far to see someone in the same or worse position.

Secondly, stop watching so much Game Of Thrones it’s distracting.

I wish my life was as easy as my cousins…

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(From left to right: Mya, Ava, Leah)

I’d just like to finish this week with a few inspirational lyrics that’ve kept me going since day 1.

You can throw your hands up
You can beat the clock
You can move a mountain
You can break rocks

You can be a master
Don’t wait for luck
Dedicate yourself and you’re gonna find yourself, standing in the hall of fame

Hall of Fame- The Script