“Its not about the journey, so long as you reach your destination”


My whole life I have dreamed of being a “university student” who will initiate in academic debates and educated conversation. A student who will be a competent reader a proficient writer and an exceptional orator. I dreamed of A + grades and a healthy life style. And to one day graduate it the funny little hat and cape not long later acquiring a well paid career and moving into my own mansion.

rich-student me



Now don’t get me wrong, there probably are a certain few students who fit this stereotype flawlessly. But for some of us it isn’t exactly what it seems.

Currently my life equates to….

A “university student” who engages in conversation about what’s going to be for lunch and when are the next Adidas kicks are going to be released. I procrastinate my readings, prioritise my blog writings and still use the terms “ow” “eah” “g” “cuz” and “oi” in my day to day conversation. I would be over the moon if I get an A+ in my next essay and face the reality of unhealthy hostel food, minimal gym sessions and random sleeping patterns. But never less I still will one day graduate in the funny little hat and cape. Whether I acquire a well paid career and move into a mansion or not can only confirmed in time.

So with that in mind I get to the main point of my Blog…  It occurred to me I have no motivation and lack total enthusiasm toward my law study and that just isn’t like me to be so completely negative towards anything. I have reached that point where every morning as I walk to class I tell my peers “I HATE LAW” and it is throwing me off wanting to do any study. Negativity, in my opinion, is not only unhealthy but it is absolutely uncalled for. I just simply cannot find something I enjoy about the class. (BTW Law just isn’t for me, don’t let me put you off). Therefore I evaluated my situation and asked myself (looking for motivation) why on earth did I take Law in the first place….? The answer was “I don’t know?“.

UH HUH!!! There it was. There was the Problem.

Okay, before I get you thinking I am going to drop out of uni together I will just confirm that I am simply changing my degree to a BA/BCom conjoint lol & I am so excited! I realised the reason I loved school was because I was interested and enjoyed what I was learning. After a deep conversation with one of my Philosophy Tuakana Tutors I came to the conclusion: why waste your time at uni (supposedly the best years of your life) doing something you don’t love?

So now that I am about to embark on a different path next semester I am hoping that I find my passion. Just because I am changing my journey doesn’t mean I wont reach my desired destination. I am keeping the Dream Alive so that one day I get to wear that funny little hat and cape and move into my mansion with my well-paid career.


Just remember what uncle Biggie said:

“It was all a Dream”