There’s only about a month left of the Semester! This fact has only just recently sunken in. In a month’s time, my first semester of University will be over. How will I feel? Relieved? Excited? Anxious? What was once an outlier, easy to pick out from the bunch, is now simultaneously blending in and becoming apart of this catastrophe! How has the last fortnight been? Quite normal, I’ve been attending lectures, tutorials and workshops. I’ve also been able to reflect on the purposes or reasons why I chose to study, and this has helped me gain some sort of motivation, if any.


Reflecting on monumental people in my life, who have a significant impact upon my life, ultimately have contributed to my success and the position I find myself in today. Remembering the people and the reasons I am studying for, have been a great source of motivation in recent times. Hand on heart I can say, “Never have I done so much reading, in my life “ lol, slowly but surely this polynesian is adjusting bit by bit to University life. Where lectures were jam packed in the first week, laughter and smiles and now turned into, more empty seats than anything in lectures (bit like going to a blues game at Eden Park really) and majority struggling under the expectations and rigorous workload.


With the winter month approaching it’s time to swap the sunnies for the scarfs, and the speedo’s for the sweaters! Yes it’s the season where everyone competes who can sniff the loudest, and it’s too cold in the morning, so I’ll just watch the recordings , because I can’t be bothered getting up. Winter is upon us, (well soon), and I thought I’d leave you with a few tips , however most essentially is the all important question, where can I get hot water for my noodles? (well for me anyways), surviving on a tight student budget, at the mercy of Studylink, has found me enjoying the delicacies of 2 min instant noodles , the struggles are definitely real. Especially when negotiating whether your money would be better spent on your HOP card or the extra snack your stomach is telling you yes, but your mind is telling you No!


If any information I’d pass on is the importance of prioritising! No this isn’t another lecture your parents would give you, it’s a necessity of life, especially surviving University! There are just some things that are going to be more important than others, prioritising isn’t just about how you spend your time , but also how to spend your money! From my experience over the semester, it feels good to have a bit of cash, right? However if you’re not careful, you’re left wondering where did all this money go? Indeed it was only just yesterday I surrendered and asked my parents for money! There is this phenomenon about spending money, I can quite put a description to it, however saving money in winter, or at anytime in fact is essential!

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