It’s that point in the semester where everyone is a bit on edge, clinging onto the last few strands of humanity still left inside them… Lectures and classes are wrapping up soon and exams are hitting in a few weeks.

The craziness of having completed most of semester one has left me in multiple stages consisting of realisation, happiness and “I can (most likely… hopefully) do this!”


This made me really happy the other morning idk why

You’ll find yourself prone to being confused and shocked by the wondrous oddities of living in a 14-storey (plus the weird one-sided extra floor 15 plant room thing) boiling orange cauldron of first-year students clawing desperately to conquer the expanding mess of responsibility and coursework as they smile knowingly at the fact they’ve delivered you a slap in the face. “Welcome to Uni!”

Staying in a hall, you get the full, uncensored, first-person view and effect that university has had on everyone so far. These are some types of people and situations that pretty much sum up hall and uni life at this point in the semester:

The Crossover Situation

Sleeping patterns are different for everyone and you really see this pushed to both the extremes living in a hall. I’ve personally never been in this situation but have been very close to it! I’m talking about those individuals who don’t sleep until 5am and those that wake up AT 5am. It’s a common thing, apparently. I’m not much of a morning person, I used to think I was but nope. I’ve definitely nearly hit the 5am sleep time a few times. Siri, on the other hand, isn’t the best with her time management skills and just as she was heading up the elevator just past 5am to go and sleep, someone was leaving to start their day to some (much evasive) exercise (for me anyway).

The Stress Partiers

You could say partying, throwing back a few beers and hitting town are all a natural part of university life (Tip! If loud, stumbling individuals under the influence of alcohol aren’t your buzz, if you’re looking at living in halls, make sure to tick the box when applying to be considered for an alcohol-free floor. There are two and a half this year at Uni Hall). Stress partiers are those who party and get drunk to avoid stressing out and thinking about the next uni thing they’ve got coming up. But the thing is, you can just get rid of the ‘stress’ part and just make it ‘partiers’ because this is actually everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)))))))))

“Do they/you live here?”

We’re nearly at the end of the semester and still I see people at dinner or just around the hall that I’ve just never seen before. To be fair there are over 400 students living here but yeah… it’s weird. It was a Friday or Saturday night and I was ready to go out and I actually asked this guy, “do you live here?” fully expecting him to say “oh, nah” to which he actually replied, “yeah, I do.” All good though cause now I see him eeeeeverywhere.


Our common room at 8pm… it’s usually busier. Stress levels 12/10.

The 24/7 Outfit-on-point-ers

There are people that looked dressed to go out every. single. minute. of. the. day. Being in the level one study room at 2am I see people decked in jeans, boat shoes and bomber jackets when I’m rocking up in fat pants and a hood. C’mon. Just… how.

Thanks for following along on my adventures so far, I know people that stumble across The Inside Word are starting to think a lot more about what they might study as I was definitely poking my head around at this time of year. You can expect some course specific spiels on Law, Media, Film and Television and Chinese from me very soon as well as some general tips and just more on uni life. You can also comment on what you like/would like to hear about from me!

– Bryan