Tonight I will make brownies,

For I need a little break,

From studying, and assignments,

And staying up too late.

Two assignments due this week,

And more tests coming still,

Leaves me with an empty

Only brownie can fulfill.

Tonight I will make brownies,

To fill the void inside,

That comes from knowing I should spend,

This time doing truss designs.

But if I’m being honest,

There’s not just that to do,

I probably should get started,

On project Biofuels.

When choosing between work,

And a delicious chocolate brownie,

I ask myself one question,

‘Will chocolate really help me?’

The answer must be yes,

For I’ve heard it often said,

A brownie in the tummy,

Will help to clear the head.

With this in mind I must conclude,

That brownies are quite special,

A sugar-rush might be just what,

I need to be successful.

But suddenly I hear a shout,

An update filled with dread,

The carton in the fridge is empty!

It seems we’re out of eggs.

In times like this, it takes courage,

To accept our own defeat,

Tonight might just not be the night,

To have the chocolate treat.

And so in a mellow march,

I retire to my desk,

To begin where I had left off;

Studying for a test.

But the evening does not end,

As a depressing story,

Though brownie-less, and sugar low,

I did learn something important.

Procrastination, is an art,

One I know quite well,

But perseverance is a tool,

And will be of greater help.

Though I do think it best,

To spend some time relaxing,

I probably should make more of an effort,

To get my projects cracking.