Okay fam……………………..exams are now only  2 and a half weeks away…………thats  bout……………  17 days ……….


I can feel myself slowly bout to explode. For the past three days or so I have started my studies in preparation for the exams. This has included working on past problems, and memorizing a whole lot of facts more so for my biology and chemistry course.”cellular respiration, inhalation, heart cycle, pulmonary circuit, systematic circuit.” 3 days in and I’m already feeling the pressure. You now like when you a blow a balloon, and just keep blowing, and blowing it until you realize you’ve blown too much air that it pops….. yeah well thats me, and its only been three days and im already deflated….fatigued….dried out….Help!

There’s even more pressure on me personally, because of the fact I was pretty fortunate to receive a scholarship, and therefore must maintain a B+ average(6.0) For this whole semester all I’ve been worried bout is meeting this. Literally its the first thing that pops up into my mind every morning, and the last thing I go to bed thinking bout. Its that what if voice…..you know…what if u fail?….what if u dont meet it?……what happens then…..embarrassment…ridicule……….AHHHHHHHH!…..Fam im bout to get deep with yall (excuse the american accent)…… but recently and this was supposed to be in my previous blog, however I, being caught up in all this work forgot to add a title so it didn’t get published.

just thought ill had this here to not lose you guys:my favourite ice block

just thought ill add this here to not lose you guys:my favourite ice block


But as i was saying… Im a Christian and recently we had this conference at our church  and I was just letting it all out to this guy. What about my grades?…….what about my goals?…. what if it doesnt go to plan?…. His response to all my questions “its just a thing, dont worry, youll be fine”. literally every question…. GPA? blah, blah “its just a thing, dont worry, youll be fine” . He was just so calm.(by the way hes already graduated with a BE(hons), just if your thinking “easy for him to say”). I went home that night and pondered on that “is it really going to be alright” Which then bought me to king kendricks song “Alright” *cant really write out the lyrics sorry fam. Sorry being sidetracked…..Anyway like what i learnt that night was whenever you start to go into that pattern of thinking and doubt, cut it off straight away.say something positive like ” Im the man” ………… You are all talented ma dudes, all capable of achieving whatever you want…

University from my first 3 months experience is more than just the study. Ive made so many awesome, hilarious friends and participated in some cool events around campus. Sometimes i would just stay till late at uni, just so i could share some laughs and feeds with the boys, and not get any work done. Uni is about friendship and involvement as much as it is about academics. As for now though its all work and no play. Just for now.