If anything, first semester has been (Anneke had a nice word for it)– testing. If you’re taking a competitive degree you pretty much have to be on top of things from the start which is incredibly hard to achieve.  You quickly pick up on what you ‘should’ve’ done or done better, but you’ll get that from me on a later date when I do a whole semester review on my courses (law especially!) and semester habits.

I’ve made a list of the biggest study struggles of the semester I’d like to share:

I can’t study in a messy room

My room is generally pretty tidy, especially compared to a few people I know. I used to like studying down on level one because that environment works well, but I always had to come up for cheeky naps and also just people and noise generally aren’t a great combo for studying– especially when people are screaming at their computer screens at 2am because they died playing LoL. Before I do anything I usually find the excuse to clean, do my washing, fold and hang stuff and stack pages and books even though I’m gonna chuck ‘em around and have them everywhere shortly anyway.


Bring your homework to the laundry when you really can’t be bothered moving!

I can’t study without snacks

I’ve noticed uni students live on snacks. Whether that be vendy food or 2-minute noodles, snacks are essential. It’s great to plan a trip with mates to the supermarket every week or two just to get a supply. I always have crackers and hummus, a stash of fruit (just remember to take some at each meal) and chocolate.

I can’t study when it’s raining or thundery

That’s a lie, I can study when it’s raining or thundery. It just seems to make it 100x more depressing (not that I don’t like my courses but, you know). Auckland weather has been truly insane this past week. The rain stops and starts 20x a day and the temperature is also all over the show. I never used to use an umbrella being from Welly cause you just couldn’t, but a decent raincoat and umbrella are good ideas here.


Just before this was taken, there was thunder and lighting and it was funny cause the people in front of us started sprinting– until we realised we were in the same situation…

I can’t study without (some sort of) exercise

I think I’ve been going to the gym a lot more recently just to avoid work and study. It’s been great for trying to maintain the (pretty much mythical) idea of balance, the benefits of 1hr at the gym vs 1hr nap is substantial. Make use of the included uni gym membership if you stay in the halls.


7.15am ish off to a kickboxing class.



You can’t even escape the thought of exams at the gym… thanks, UoA.

I can’t study without punching something

Before you jump to conclusions about the state of my anger, I’m actually talking about punching pads and bags in a boxing class– not just the loud whisperers in the lecture rooms. I’ve recently been going to Boxfit classes at Boxing Alley just a 5m walk away from my hall. My concession card was half-price as a student and it’s been the perfect way to release tension.


Boxing, cardio, core, death– all things you get during a Boxfit class at Boxing Alley.


I can’t study cause my hair is too long

Earlier in the semester, our hall did Shave for a Cure and it was an exceptional effort from heaps of residents. I’m not too sure how much we raised but it was easily thousands. I decided to get my head shaved which was weird for me cause I’ve always had it somewhat styled but was a great event and cause to do so. Since then, I’ve just decided to keep it short cause it’s an extra 2m of sleep. There are more important things to worry about at uni!


Siri had a few to drink– I’m surprised I still have two ears.


Getting a touch up from short to shorter.

I can’t study cause I’m missing out on banter!

Everyone has different study, sleep, social etc. schedules so though it’s important to socialise and chill out, just remember someone’s prime study time (mine is 8pm-1am), and chill out/banter time isn’t gonna be the same as yours. Though you might be missing out on some (probably terrible) banter, other people will also be missing out on your (probably better) banter at another time.

I can’t study without actually studying

This is my cue to nod off because even though blogging is a justified form of procrastination (I could also look at it as my part-time job), at the same time I’m not getting anywhere with my study.

Next time you check in with me I’ll be done with my first ever law and media exams so you can bet I’ll have something to say about them!

– Bryan