see what i did there…. pretty clever huh….. if you didn’t get it i was trying to emphasize that EX-aamms are upon us. Yes its that time of the year peeps. That time of procastination and absolute dread and pain ( by the way whoever invented exams I really dont like you). Ive been doing my best to get at least 3-5 hours of study a day done, which hasnt been quite successfull. If your like me and do have a bit of study breaks in between sessions, then you know that what was supposed to be a 15 min break turns into nearly an hour.

thought this was on point

thought this was on point


I mean its just soooooooooo BORIIIINNNNG and montonous. I just hate studying to be honest. Like really really really HATE it. love learning, But hate studying. And if this sounds like you ( which im pretty sure is everyone)  then heres a few things to ponder on, which I just made up literally 1 min ago. lol (this would be alot better and more interesting if you know what im trying to do.. EX-ams… EX – blaah blah … pretty sure theres a word for this but who cares.  you get the jist)


  • EX- hale: from my engineering 140 class, exhalation occurs due to muscle  relaxation. The diaphgrams relaxes; moves up and the rib cage ummm…gets smaller. Huh who knew i could use my blogging for revision. Anway peeps its in the name dont need any further explanation, breath yall, inhale, exhale…relax ma dudes.

  • EX- ercise: Get out, k maybe not in this  current auckland weather…. but do some exercise, anything Bball, gym. ping pong, run, go shopping. Honestly it helps.
  • EX- cuses: dont make them.Simple.
  • EX-ecute: end of the day what you put into your revision, will reflect on your grades. Everybody hates studying, stuff it it only last two or so weeks, so give everything and EXECUTE. Get that paper and absolutely tear it to shreds (*please not literally)


chur,  just realised that the next time i will be blogging, my exams will be OVERRRRR and i will be on holiday. Cant wait, surely will have plenty things to say. Till next time guys…* pray for me plezzzz.