The law is exam is over. That’s so crazy. I still feel like I should be holed up in my room religiously reciting cases and case details to myself. After the exam, a lot of people posted on the LAW 121 G Facebook page that they felt they didn’t do well. I don’t know whether this was a sincere pity party or not. Either way, I’m not one to feel sorry for myself, or for others, on events in which you have every power to change the outcome. I wasn’t short on anything to write, and I didn’t walk out of there disappointed. The only thing I wish I could change is time. I wish I had more time to write. However, I answered both questions to the best of my ability under time constraints and finished with 4 minutes to go. In comparison to some, this is pretty good.

Here’s the honest truth on why I didn’t walk out of my exam disappointed:

  • On the 16 days leading up to the exam, I studied every day. I timed myself studying. Even though I only did one hour a day at the beginning, it was a start. Doing this, I managed to read the 290 page case book, and write notes on every single page (which totalled 36 pages on a word document, text size 11).
  • In 16 days, I totalled 24 hours of timed studying (no distractions, no cheating)
  • I managed to condense 36 pages into 10, which I memorised
  • The first thing I did in the exam was write out 42 cases in alphabetical order, so I could have a list of cases to refer to. Meaning, I was never short on secondary detail.
  • I was calm. I thought before I wrote (albeit, briefly) and then I wrote up a storm.

Because of all the above, I wasn’t surprised by anything in the exam. Neither were my genius friends!

More honesty:

  • I don’t study with anyone. On anything. Ever. While some people find talking to others productive, and are more than happy to learn that way, I feel like other people’s thoughts on a topic stifle the space in which your own ideas on a topic could’ve grown. Life’s about having your own opinion, and you can’t successfully do that when you run on the thoughts of others.
  • Get off websites that are the supposed cheats for getting in, they don’t cover the topic widely enough. Just don’t even look. ESPECIALLY don’t rely on them to get you through.
  • Don’t forget to study for your other exams!

More honesty:

I’ve ignored bullet point three haha! I have three exams next week, three books to read and understand, one 100 question multi-choice quiz to study for and only a week to do it all! This should be fun!

Comforting thought:

I’ve been through worse! There’s only 6 hours to get through really, and that’s such a small part of the day and such a small part of my life! Ready to do it!

Yours worriedly,