Semester one is finally over!!!!!

The good news is that it means half of our workload is over and for me that means 3 of my 4 core papers are almost finished.

The bad news is that means exams are almost here. One week left until the dreadful exams start. For me exams means four days in a row which is not something I can say I am looking forward to.

I have started off rewatching the lectures from the beginning of the year so i have an understanding of what the heck my lecturers were talking about yesterday in my exam reviews… you learn so much during the year and if you think you can remember something from march then you are wrong unless you have been blessed with a photographic memory

I fast forward the speed of my lectures to 3x normal speed which is good for getting through lots of lectures but not very good if you zone out or try to multitask on your phone because then it legitimately sounds like gibberish.

Word of advice= you become so used to insanely fast talking that when you listen to normal videos you wonder why on earth everyone is speaking in slow motion

Yesterday was the last day of lectures for semester one, a moment I had never given any thought to but something I always thought was way into the future. Well I’ve never known time to pass as quickly as this semester I seriously keep thinking about how I’ve just started Uni but actually the semester is over.

Last night we had our formal dinner at Uni Hall. Everyone was looking dressed up and we all sat with our floors which was pretty cute except that our floor is coming last due to the excessive lockouts that occur literally every single day.

Afterwards each floor had a court session or ‘roast’ session, where our RA reads out anonymous claims submitted about people on our floor and they pledge guilty or not guilty. Overall it was pretty entertaining and if you didn’t know it then you definitely know it now. Lets just say we all know a lot more than we might have liked to about everybody else know…

Also I went home last weekend & it was soooo nice to be able to go to the beach and just be surrounded by trees and animals again. It was great to not wake up to freezing 4 degrees that Auckland delivers every day.

In exactly two weeks I will be finished my exams and hopefully have a more exciting daily routine than watching lectures at 3x speed…


I forgot what nature looks like

I forgot what nature looks like


Post formal dinner

Post formal dinner