The Struggle is Real

So I was sitting in class this morning thinking ‘hmm what should I write my blog on today….’. Then I looked down at my damp shoes, the rain spots on my pants and started getting really frustrated thinking about the weather. As you may have gathered it is a wet day today, and you might be thinking big deal.. suck it up? But it isn’t just a wet day… It is also a clear day, windy day, sunny day, cold day, hot day and cloudy day all at once! Welcome to Auckland City.


 Every morning I use to decide what to wear by looking outside to see what kind of day it was. Not anymore. I do not completely understand why Auckland is like this but as an explanation, you will have a better chance at winning the lotto than you would have predicting the weather for the day in Auckland City.

Today is a perfect explanation… I woke up to an average cold day, minimal clouds and josiezero rain. At nine thirty, just before me and my friends left for class, it was pouring down. No big deal, we grabbed our umbrellas. As we are walking down Symonds Street all huddling under our umbrellas, we find ourselves dodging the puddle waves which the buses make as they drive past, while watching out for all the other frantic pedestrians. I was then sitting in class wet and cold (the air conditioner did not help)! I was just leaving the lecture theater complaining about the rain to my class mate Josiah when we get outside and the rain had stopped (YAY). We are now half way home and I am sweating like a pig because the rain has gone, the wind disappeared and the sun decided to come out full beam! Great so I strip down my three jerseys only to get rained on once again…Seriously weather??? Make up your mind!

This leads me to me sitting in my room, writing my blog, looking out my window, wondering what the weather is going to do…


I have a lecture in an hour so now I am sitting here contemplating Weather I go or Weather I stay… I mean If I go I know the lecture theater will be freezing, but I don’t want to wear tonnes of clothes because I will get sweaty walking there… Then there is the possibility of it raining which means I will have to carry an umbrella! I also need to decide if I should change my clothes because they are still wet but if I change them is it even worth it if I am going to get wet again?

The fact of the matter is:

Auckland City weather makes life extremely difficult!