Semester 2 of Uni has now started which means the whole team is back and we can really get into training. Over the exam period and then the holidays it was difficult to get everyone together due to all of our separate commitments. However, we have had two really great trainings recently to really kick off our practice countdown until Hawaii.

On one of our late night trainings Leki had us start on endurance training. One minute of hard paddling then one minute’s rest, thirty times in a row. It was a good test and a chance to push ourselves to the limit to see how far we could go. It was below 9 degrees on the water that night, with high winds and a rain shower that hit us right at the end. It was brutal. Hopefully the weather will be different when we get to Hawaii!

Our recent Saturday morning training was in stark contrast to this, with bright sunny weather. I’ve put together a quick video of us training on that day so you can see what it was like. Enjoy!

And of course our personal profiles for this week are:

Name: Dallas Watene
Degree: Third year Computer Systems Engineering
From: Piopio, New Zealand
When did you start paddling? 7 years ago at highschool where I competed at Nationals and Secondaries. I also paddled for Turanga Ararau and when my family moved I started again with Horouta in Gisborne.
What are you looking forward to the most in Hawaii? The sightseeing and being able to get a glimpse of the world outside of New Zealand. I have never left the North Island or been on a plane so I am really excited!

Name: Georgia Naera
Degree: First year Engineering
From: Rotorua, New Zealand
When did you start paddling? I started Waka Ama when I was 7 years old and have been competing ever since.
What do you hope to get out of the trip? I want to bring home a gold medal, however I want to do it while having fun along the way!

Stay tuned for more info on the team as we head into the final weeks of training before the big trip.