Before I explain how to escape the small place that is Auckland city, here’s some concluding thoughts on the rest of my exams:

  • My trusted formula failed me. An exam which had a running theme for five straight years switched it up on me and the questions were completely different! I don’t know if it’s because I didn’t pay attention to something said in lectures or whether people thrive off the suffering of others (I joke, a bit). Either way, I’m praying that something (anything!) made sense and I can wrangle a good grade (ANY passing grade). TIP FOR YOU: Prepare for everything. It is no longer enough to anticipate what has previously been anticipated, you must (ominously) think beyond that and study absolutely EVERYTHING (A scary, but necessary, thought)
  • My other two papers went really well, so I’m looking forward to when results come out. Three out of four papers passed with A grades sounds good to me! For those who might be wondering when grades out, I’ve heard that they come about around 7-10 days after the end of your exams. This means that mine are hopefully all out on the 7th of July.

Now, why is Auckland just Sydney for beginners you might be wondering? Well, I’m writing this in the departures terminal, about to head out to Sydney. While I’ve been to Sydney countless times, this is the first time in my long history of flights that I’m flying completely alone – with none of dads printed schedules to follow on the other side. I’m a bit nervous, but a girl can’t get lost indefinitely in the airport… can she?


Lunch before leaving


  • ONE: They’re selling absolut vodka in the NZ duty free for $25 a litre. I’m not much of a vodka fan as it tastes like those few times I almost died, but this is a bargain!
  • TWO: All make up you can’t get in New Zealand (except where they make the prices ridiculous eg makeupnz or whatever it’s called selling ABH cream contour kit for $99.99 NZD when it’s only $40 USD, hence making it cheaper to buy online from the US) you can get in Sydney. My mum has already warned that I don’t go crazy…. But…. It’s holidays… That’s pretty much a synonym for crazy, right?
  • THREE: It’s just a bigger version of Auckland, with way better public transport! (I’m sorry AT, I still haven’t forgiven you for making my two street ride twice daily, a total of $8)
  • FOUR: If you hate running enough as it is, the runs over there are much more scenic! The Bondi to Coogee stairs is actually both fun and hard. Plus, nobody over there gives you a weird look if you’re blasting along in your sports bra and shorts.
  • FIVE: I just love Sydney! I don’t know what it is, but it’s a mix of it being both familiar and foreign.
  • SIX: Seven Eleven selling slushies. THERE ARE SLUSHIES EVERYWHERE. This is my drink!!! This should replace absolut at number one, as everybody/anybody can relate to my love of liquid sugar.

NOTE: My next blog will be completely about what I’ve gotten up to in Sydney for the two weeks to come, and how I’ve chosen to relax after my first semester as a uni student! As well as explaining why an escape is not only an acceptable way to deal with post-exam trauma, I’m going to tell you why it’s a GREAT idea. Further than this, you can expect an update on my grades in the next blog post (hopefully this isn’t something I’m embarrassed to share).


My niece waving goodbye to everyone, she didn’t quite realise she wasn’t coming with me

Yours excitedly,


Now, I shop.