When first making the decision to go university, you make the choice to dedicate yourself to your degree. No matter what gets in your way. But no one can really prepare you for what your life’s going to be. They tell you that being a uni student is hard. But what they dot tell you, is that balancing your studies on top of work, social life and your boyfriend is next level kind of commitment. Don’t get me wrong, I love my life. I love being able to study make money and come home to a warm bed every night, but it hasn’t been easy.



So first, let me explain my situation:

I recently got a job doing 20 hours a week answering emails for slingshot, and I also moved into a place in manukau with my boyfriend and mum.

Now let me explain my typical day..

6.30am- Wake up

7am- Catch a ride into town with Mum

7.40am- Get to uni

12am- Attend my classes and study when I can

5.30- Walk to work, start at 6pm

10pm- Finish work

10.30- Home from work >>dinner<<

11.30pm- Sleep zzzzzzz

Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 11.23.55 AM

Than once my 17 hour day finishes, I repeat.

Now, if I dedicate myself 40 hours a week for study (10 hours per paper) on top of my 20 hours of work as well as remember to eat sleep and go outside I think I’ll be alright.

(I might even have time to Pokemon Go, but lets not push it.)

I’ve put a little bit from my semester, which as you can see after work doesn’t allow me much time for anything else. But a smart friend of mine told me the other day that

‘you’re doing all of this for uni. That’s your end goal. Don’t pick up shifts, and only socialise when you can. Because uni is you end goal, not any of this!’

And that made me realise, that uni really is a lot more important to me than work, social life and somewhat my boyfriend too. Because sometimes you do need to think about yourself before everything else.


With that said, I need to stop telling you all about my life, and get busy with my own! Semester 2 is coming up, so it’s time for me to hit the books again.

Here goes round 2!