My first semester of university is done and dusted, with results officially released a few days ago. I was pleasantly surprised with my results, considering I didn’t really know what study techniques worked for me and wasn’t sure how harsh the university marking was compared to school. I passed Chemistry, which was a huge confidence boost, because I failed all three Chem papers in year 13. I also managed to get pretty decent grades in History and Psych, so all in all, I’m happy.

My holidays have been largely unproductive. I cleaned out all my rubbish from my laptop and sorted through my photos and bookmarks (really thrilling stuff, I know). My brothers and I introduced our mum to Pokemon Go, which my dad thinks was a huge mistake. While Mum was walking around outside the house trying to find a Pokemon, Dad said, “You don’t realise, I’m stuck with this when you guys are gone.” Sorry, Dad! 😛

Dad wasn't thrilled that a Doduo was on the table

Dad wasn’t thrilled that a Doduo was on the table

I returned back to the hall on Saturday morning after having 3 weeks of holiday. It was sad leaving everyone, especially since I’m not going home again for about 6 weeks. I’ll miss the homemade cooking and hanging out with the fam, but it’s easier coming back to the hall this time round. While Whitaker is not as great as home (hello mass made food and unreliable shower temperatures), it’s nice to come back to a familiar environment.


Cute breakfast with my gals

It’s weird, I’m actually feeling pretty pumped about this semester. I’m taking my other compulsory Psych paper, a compulsory Stats paper (ugh), as well as an Anthropology paper about human evolution and a BioSci paper where we get to dissect all sorts of weird and wonderful things. Turns out that I have all four of my classes with one of my friends (shoutout to Victoria, ayeee), and various classes with others in my friend group too, so we’re going to help each other out and motivate each other to go to class when we’re not feeling it.

We cute

We cute

Mid-Winter dinner

Mid-Winter dinner

Everything seems to be falling into place. For the first time in a wee while, I can be happy with where I’m at; I’m doing a degree I love, I have a great group of new friends, and I’m in a pretty good headspace. I’m no longer convinced if I don’t get an A, I’m a failure. I have a more positive outlook on life and am enjoying myself, and in turn, this is helping my grades. Everyone always says that university will be the best years of your life, and so far, I think they’re right.



Until next time – Emily 🙂