Semester One is officially over!! Now with more time on my hands to know what to do with I am left with time to reflect on my journey at the University so far.

When I was once a very active busy person who put my hand up for every opportunity that ever popped up, my whole life has completely flipped upside down.

 6 am morning runs have turned into 9 am sleep ins.

 Afternoon sport training has turned into visits to the dairy.

Weekend Kapa Haka practices have turned into browsing the Queen street shops,

and my study time has turned into movies in bed!


Okay so I think you get the picture.

Now it is time to take action, assess the problems and deal with them accordingly. So I find myself searching for some extra curricular activities to get me active, energetic and feeling accomplished!

I currently have no idea how to join sports clubs so that is still work in progress. The gym, hmmm, it’s kinda weird how it is so busy and people stare so i’d rather not. However, the Auckland Domain is  a five minute walk so what better way to get fresh air than to walk/run the domain on a regular basis? Okay I admit I have only actually been for a walk there once but it is a start I guess! lol

I got this sweet pic of the museum though!

I got this sweet pic of the museum though!

Anyway on to the subject of the title… “Chess let me in!

You know when you hear word of someone having a secret and you just MUST know what it is! That is the current situation at hand, well kind of.

Imagine there is a top secret club that all the cool people are in except you!! Similar to wanting to be in Illuminati but not being allowed because you are not Queen BEE!!


Recently I stumbled across some top secret news that has me itching to tell the world!….

If I told you I would at risk of death, humiliation and banishment for life. Lucky for you I like to live life on the edge….

So don’t tell but there is a secret underground Grafton Hall Chess Club! *dun dun dun*

I know this probably doesn’t  like a top secret club which includes all the cool people because

1. Chess is stereotypically NOT cool! and

2. I just told you so it is no longer “top secret” oops


Imagine that on my CV!

2016 Grafton Hall secret underground Chess Club member.

Unfortunately I have to get past this guy first…


Grafton secret Underground Chess Club President/Creator.

He may look harmless sitting there eating his dinner but I warn you he is a beast on the chess board!

No amount of annoying or blackmail is going to work so currently I am trying to come up with ways which can persuade him to CHESS LET ME IN!

It is the perfect extra curricular activity that might just change life as I know it. Imagine….

 9 am sleep ins turn into 8.30 Chess club breakfast.

Afternoon dairy walks turn into afternoon chess practice.

Weekend walks up Queen street turn into lunch time Chess tournaments,

and movies in bed turn into chess tutorials on you tube in bed.

'Chess is, as the Dutch grandmaster Hans Ree said, is 'beautiful enough to waste your life for'.'

I may be slightly over exaggerating #chessislife, it isn’t exactly the ideal life style but  it is a slight improvement.

I think my point is …. get involved as much as you can otherwise life turns dull and boring and you end up losing complete motivation!

PS: Hopefully by my next blog I am an exclusive Chess Club member, fingers crossed!