In all honesty one week ago I couldn’t imagine life that didn’t involve study and three days in to my holiday I still find myself thinking “Okay I’ll talk for twenty more minutes and then I’ll go study again”.

Exams had me going crazy, but its all over now and I have four weeks off which will definitely be spent doing everything I miss while I am in Auckland so that I have enough strength to make it safely through next semester.

What insight can I offer on exams and what do I have to say about exams?

Truthfully I think that exams get harder literally every single year (sounds pretty obvious right). Auckland University has past papers from the exams for all the previous years and to me the papers got harder and harder as time passed. Unfortunately this pattern seemed to persist and I found the exams were just as difficult as I anticipated (no surprise there).

To make it through exams I decided to start getting into a routine a few weeks before they started, my daily routine basically consisted of getting up and going for a morning run around the domain, then going to Kate Edgar or the library for the day, while leaving our phones behind so i wouldn’t waste my time on snapchat or looking at Facebook memes…

Since finishing exams on Saturday afternoon I feel like I’ve done more adventurous things than I have the last 2 months in Auckland, which I probably have. So far I’ve been up one tree hill, up the sky tower, to the museum, general exploring and out to eat lots of food.

All I can say is that it feels great to be able to sleep in and especially to be able to spend lots of time with everybody else and especially to be outdoors again

On the downside everybody has started returning home and one of friends flies out to London in the morning for the break. I can’t imagine what the next four weeks will be like without living with all of them but I’m so excited to go home!


My sisters birthday celebrations

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